AO: Flight Deck

When: 08/22/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Black Swan, Blowfish, Dirty D, Downward Dog, Finkle, Pink Slip, Scamper, Snot Rocket, Test Tube,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Snot Rocket

WARMUP: Short mosey, copperhead squats , weed pickers, sun gods, michael phelps

THE THANG: YHC brought a 4×4 about 6’ long with handles. Ran through 2 cinder blocks so they’re in center . Pair of PAX did lap around parking lot carrying this coupon, switching arms mid way(get that even burn)while remaining PAX used their own coupons to perform various exercises . PAX doing the route instructed to think of the next move with or without coupon but encouraged to instruct a move with coupon . When pair gets back, another pair of PAX takes the coupon around the lot again .

Moves consisted of…
Kettlebell Swings
Tri-Extensions (can modify to skull crushers)
Calf Raises
Shoulder Press
Flutter Kicks whilst holding coupon above you
Bench Press
Pistol Squats on Coupon

With about 15 min left, YHC brought PAX to pavilion . Did 5 dips/squat rotating circuit . Then switched to step ups and incline merkins.
MARY: Box cutters , American hammers , gas pumps, hold 6” until time .

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 3rd-F Breakfast this Friday. 0500 BD that day.

COT: Glad Dirty-D is back from his 2 month hiatus because of life and hurt knee. Prayers for him finding balance with life and F3.

NAKED MAN MOLESKIN:After a very moist flatulence from possibly Blowfish. Discussion of the possibility of sharting yourself has a bellcurve throughout life. Safety zone is 20-50 possibly. Depends on the person. The mumblechatter was on point as we weren’t counting exercises , how I like it!

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