AO: Mole Hole Spartan Course

When: 05/02/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Bagger, Chipmunk, Geek Squad, Jack Bauer, Maaco, Rubber, The Mole, Trill, Twiggy, White Rice,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: White Rice

QIC: The Mole


The Mole hatched the bright idea to host a homemade Spartan Race on his homemade Spartan obstacle course.  The trails (and creek) in the neighborhood provide just the right challenge.  A few more trips to Lowe’s to build some new obstacles and a few more obstacles borrowed from Sir Bloodhound and we have a Spartan Race!

10 souls braved the Inaugural Spartan by The Mole including one 2.0 “Chipmunk” and one FNG.  In an effort to provide pseudo social distancing we broke into two groups for starting.  After a briefing in the parking lot prior to start we headed to the “start line”.  Since TM ran out of time to get every turn/obstacle marked, he tried to stay at/near the front to ensure no one got lost and died by Sasquatch.

The Thang:

(See map attached)  The hills were punishing.  The creek was “refreshing”.  The mud was muddy.  The obstacles were no-freakin’-joke.  I think that farmer carry broke my soul.  Or forearms.  I can’t tell the difference now.

Penalty for not completing an obstacle was 10 burpees (honor system as always).

Top 10 highlights:

10.  Twiggy is not properly named.  This man is STRONG.  He flipped a tire 15 times with one throw.  With one hand.  True story.
9. Bagger was disappointed with our FNG today.  The rivalry is strong with this one.  UF vs. Free Shoes University.  YHC will side with the Gators on this one.  We share enemies.
8. Rubber is quiet.  Too quiet.  YHC think’s he a serial killer and he was plotting where to hide our bodies.  Also, a little too nice and polite.  Definitely a serial killer.
7. Geek Squad crushed this thing.  He started with the second group and was quickly up with the first group.  Pushing as always.
6.  White Rice is a beast.  He was solidly in 3rd all day it seemed.  Just ask him about his name though.  Fun story.  Believe it or not, there is a connection between Free Shoes University and white rice.
5.  Chipmunk originally intended to make one loop around the course.  After one lap he changed his mind and went two full laps.  Little Dude got in 5+ miles today.  The Mole keeps telling him he is stronger than he thinks, but Chipmunk doesn’t always believe him.  Proud Papa after that race.  (Though TM knows Chipmunk received lots of help and encouragement from the other PAX.  Thank you HIMs for supporting and encouraging my Little Man!!)
4. Trill spent the morning trying to distance himself from other PAX (namely Jack Bauer) and giving Geek Squad dirty looks.  This guy is trouble.  Watch out.  If you have a flat tire, he probably slashed it.
3.  Jack Bauer brought beer!  I mean, what else can a man do for his fellow man?  Grateful for his help getting the last few obstacles out on the course and certainly for his generosity in bringing the Spartan recovery drink of choice.
2. The Mole is tired.  Lots of planning.  Lots of prep.  Lots of miles walked/run to scout the course.  Lots of building.  But it was so much fun and so glad to put this race on!!  I already can’t wait for next year.  This is definitely going to be an annual thing.
1.  Maaco really won the race.  He was pacing himself all day. Not to mention he and JB and Trill arrived super early to help TM get the last couple obstacles out.  Love this group of guys that are so willing to help.


The 2nd Annual Spartan Race by The Mole is already in planning stages and will be even better than the Inaugural edition!  YHC can’t wait to do this again.  Make your calendars for the first weekend in May 2021.

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