AO: Hurt Locker

When: 07/25/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Air Max, Bloodhound, Hard Drive, Misty, Pop Up, Red Hat, Rest Stop, Subzero, Super Dave,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: No FNGs - Deuce (Alpha), Snowman (Alpha), & Spicolli

QIC: Rest Stop


With MLB’s opening day and the Braves 1st game Friday, what better way to welcome back baseball than playing some Hurt Locker Baseball!


YHC, Super Dave and Bonilla arrived early for a pre-ruck and was expecting only 4 to 6 PAX for the beatdowm, but was pleasantly surprised to see have huge crowd when the ruck was over forming near the Shovel Flags. After the group decided on Boomtown and THL, we moseyed to the LAX field concession stand, circled up and did the following:


Good Mornings – 10 IC

Imperial Walker – 10 IC

Weed Pickers – 10 IC

Micheal Phelps – OYO


We then moseyed to the bleachers, up and down the stairs, and then found a spot near the tables. We then built a Baseball Diamond with the following exercises:

1st Round – 5 Exile Merkins, then a up, down and around the concrete bleachers.  This would be our lap.

2nd Round – 10 BBS, 5 Exile Merkins, then a lap

3rd Round – 15 Squats, 10 BBS, 5 Exile Merkins, lap

4th Round  – 10 BBS, 5 Exile Merkins, lap

5th Round – 5 Exile Merkins, lap

After getting warmed up with the Diamond, YHC and the PAX moseyed to the 50 yd line on the Turf field for the main event and explained Hurt Locker Baseball! YHC had arrived earlier and put out bases with 4 different exercise. Home plate was the goal line, 1st Base was on the home side of the 50 yd line, 2nd base on the far goal line and 3rd base on the away side 50 yd line. Hurt Locker bases are 150 feet apart, not 90 feet like the professionals. We go for a little more pain!

The plan was to get through 4 innings of Baseball. With 3PAX at each, we got started.

The PAX at home plate (the Batter) did 15 Burpees, while the PAX (Base Runners) on the bases did their corresponding exercise AMRAP.  Once the Batter was done, they yelled GO! and all Base Runners sprinted to the next base and started their next exercise AMRAP.

The Batter did 15 Burpees each inning, but the exercises and the method of getting to the next base changed each round.

First Inning

1st Base – LBCs

2nd Base – Merkins

3rd Base – Squats

Sprint to next base

Second Inning

1st Base – Big Boy Sit-ups

2nd Base – Diamond Merkins

3rd Base – Monkey Humpers

Duck Walk to next base

Third Inning

1st Base – Leg Raises

2nd Base – Pseudo Planche Merkins

3rd Base – Squat Jumps

Backwards Run to next base

Fourth Inning

1st Base – Flutter Kicks

2nd Base – Carolina Dry Docks

3rd Base – Gorilla Humpers

Carioca to next base


 We discussed the F3 10 year Anniversary, Upcoming Spartans, & Misty’s Half-Marathon We asked for Prayers for Bloodhounds mother-in-law, Community Leaders and School Leaders with some upcoming tough decisions.


Great time this morning! It was good seeing Hard Drive and Pop up from the Southside as well as Deuce and Snowman from Alpha. We had a large crowd, so good mumbchatter, and a great coffeeteria after! !  Let’s keep up the momentum that F3 Cherokee has going right now! Rest Stop out!

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