AO: Arena

When: 09/15/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Big Papi, Climax, Daisie, Exile, Hartford, Jack Bauer, koi, Picanha, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Sackful


Decided to keep with the Q Source point for the week of Consistency and plan a simple workout for complex men.  However, we all learned some men are more complex than others…


mosey to Bascomb, then we did the BradPitt warm-up with a run, 5 burpees for 5 core principles, five times.

The Thang –

Broke into two groups by having the PAX number off (1, 2) and this was when the complexity of these men began to show when some immediately forgot which number they were.  Pro tip:  When asked to number off at any workout or actually in any situation a person should always remember their number even if not specifically instructed to do so.  Simple right?

Team 1 would complete an exercise for 20 reps as a group while Team 2 would begin a run (not a mosey) around Bascomb.  After Team 1 completed the prescribed reps they would sprint to catch Team 2.  First person to catch the group would stop the group and then turn everyone around to mosey back to the 6th.  Rinse and repeat.  Think we did Merkins, Derkins, Carolina Dry Docks (which are easily confused with Mike Tysons), Box Cutters, and Squats.

Indigenous Peoples run back in the direction of the flag where the PAX all assumed that if they run in the direction of the flag the workout is over.  They also assumed that for some strange reason only known to these very complex men they get to decide when the workout is over and just stop running.  This confused the Q who had planned a very simple workout and had always continued working out until endex or the Q calls it!  It was at this moment the Q knew he f&%ked up and abandoned the assumption that the men would demonstrate individual initiative.  Therefore left with no choice the Q began to micro-manage the PAX as you would children.  Then as if by some sort of divine intervention because it certainly wasn’t from watching the poor example set by the seasoned PAX, the FNG (hence forth known as Sackful) took command of the PAX and demonstrated that he was ready to lead by example!  Thankfully it was still dark and nobody saw the single tear that slid down my face for the pride I felt that day knowing that the future of F3 leadership looked bright!


TinFoil was 6th man, blah, blah, GROWRUCK, blah, blah.  Then we were given the honor and privilege to name the future Nanatan of F3 Cherokee and dare I say, CEO of F3 Nation, Sackful!  Welcome.  Ask him about how he met his M.  It’s hilarious!

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