AO: Stockyard

When: 01/10/2023


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Canoe, Daisie, Doink, Exile, Picanha, PittStop, Rubberneck, Surf N Turf, Tinfoil, Wastewater,

Number of FNGS: 11

FNG Names: PittStop

QIC: Canoe

Mosey then Warmorama-Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walkers, Copper Head Squats, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles and Michael Phelps.

Beatdown was 4 sets of 4 sandbag exercises at 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off per exercise followed by 60 yard suitcase carry with a sandbag for each set.  Set (1) Sandbag Clean Lift, Sandbag Swing, Shoulder Press (2) Bear Hug Squat, Good Morning, Sandbag Toss, Sandbag Deadlift (3) Sandbag Squat, Upright Row, Overhead Press, Suitcase Hold (4) Swing to Press, Rotational Swing, Pick and Press, Shoulder Squat.  Finished with a Tug of War with Brad Pitt as referee.  No blood was spilled this time!

Circled up for 6th man and nameorama.  Welcomed FNG PittStop, talked of upcoming events, prayer requests and ended with COT and coffee.

Great Bunch of Guys


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