AO: WarTowne

When: 08/20/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Camper van, Farm Country, Maaco, Mall Cop, P-body, Saluki, Wastewater,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Mall Cop

Small Cop, Super Limo and Yoshi also in attendance.

Mosey to the turf for warm ups.

Weed pickers, right pickers (slow weed pickers trying to touch entire palm to ground) Phelps, sungods and some SSH

Thing I: Roll of the Dice

2 die rolled one at a time so there is no cheating. First number tells the exercise, second is that number X5 for number of reps.

• Flutter Kicks, •• Merkins, ••• Squats, •••• Bllurpees//Burpee with 2 lunges, ••••• Mountain Climbers, ••••••LBCs

Roll doubles – take a lap around the filed

Roll snake eyes – 2 laps. first lap has 1 bllurpee at every corner, second lap has 4, 2 count mountain climbers at each corner

Thing II: Horrible Plan AKA Theater 11s W/ Merkins!

mosey to the amphitheater for 11s.

Bottom – OJ Squats

Top – Big Boys

Caveat – perform merkins that match the number level you’re on, so 1 – 7 merkins depending on tier.

Modification – change merkins to calf raises on the 3rd round

Quit this pretty quickly. it sucked

Thing III: Amphitheater Pain Fonda Pyramid

Perform # of Pain Fondas to match amphitheater tier, 1-8.

Pain Fonda is like a Jane Fonda except your top foot is on a raise surface (tier above) and your lower leg raises to meet that leg.

Mosey to the flag to hit 2mi and start some Mary

Mary: Saluki hit us with some Freddie Mercury’s since we were listening to Bohemian Rhapsody at that moment.

Followed up with more Mary

Camper Van 6 man… never let him borrow your truck, prayers and some Gatorade and Coffee

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