AO: Stoneclad

When: 11/02/2023


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Baby Flo, Baby Ruth, Bo Peep, Flatline, Good Hands, Harbor Freight, Tallyman,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: 8 Bit

-where’s Lively
-Impromptu Q time….Oh crap….
-YHC did what every other AOQ would do: lead the PAX in a mosey to buy yourself some time to think of what to do.
-mosey -> merkins, tumbleweeds, weedpickers
-look around for Lively to magically show up…..

-mosey some more -> imperial walkers, hillbillies, pickle
pounders (These are a few of Tallyman’s faves!)
-look around some more for Lively to show up……

-mosey some more to the hill
-came to the realization that I really will need to lead this thing.

-Part 1: 11’s on the hill (merkins at bottom, big boys at the top)
-mode of transportation: bernie sanders up, mosey down

-Part 2: ran to the rock pile and directed PAX to get medium-sized rocks, so the PAX naturally picked up rocks ranging in size from a softball to a headstone. (head-shaking…)
-did the following exercises (curls, squats, lbc’s, shoulder presses) in sets of 10 reps (8 sets total) shifting after 10 reps to the left to use a different sized rock thus enabling each PAX to fully feel the size of said softball and tombstone sized rocks

-Part 3: had PAX sit on their six on the middle parking line that extends down the entire parking lot. PAX passed a sandbag kettlebell overhead to the person behind them and got up to run to the back of the line to sit and wait for the kettlebell to be passed overhead to them. Rinse and repeat for all PAX for the length of the parking lot.
-YHC has tried this twice before achieving utter failure each time as inevitably some PAX throws the bell or does not hurry back fast enough. However these PAX were on their game and the task was fully achieved!

-saved time for Alabama prom dates (Tallyman’s other fave exercise)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Turkey day football, speed for need races, Holiday lights of Hope setup

COT: thankful for God’s continued goodness in our lives

Personal note: I am thankful for these PAX, the mumblechatter, and the fun. Looking forward to a future Lively Q where I know that he will likely destroy us. Gonna be fun!! 🙂

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