AO: Holy Iron

When: 05/03/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Babyface, LawDog, Panhandle, Paper jam, Slum Lord, Tallyman, Westside, Woody,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Panhandle

Short mosey, slumlord trying to flex principles on YHC, lawdog wanting weedpickers and merkin may, with longings of m&m may in everyone’s heart…that’s how this crapshoot started

Grab bells, set in a line, sprint away and back, do up and over merkins with bells, 3 rounds 10, 15, 10, extra sprint to lift spirits

Move to wall, 10 inverted jumps, 10 walk ups with merkin at the bottom on your bell, exercises for the 6, back at it after up to 8, next round up to 6

Grab lamps, finish out in the back, 4 movements that will take 25 more minutes

Find thorny hill, go to the bottom

With kb in your lap, crab walk (feet first) all the way up the hill (eunuch climbs as YHC has called them, was lovely)
Back down, reverse, arms first uphill with kb in your lap
Back down, sideways crab walk with kb
Once more, other side uphill with kb

Merkins to finish out our time

End with God “kisses for our hearts” in the COT…or something of that nature…

One of the things I love about F3 is the community we have, which pushes one another to do stupid stuff like this. Took a while, but everybody (mostly) got up the hill. I personally HATE crab walking, I like putting things I hate in front of me and others. I would never do these alone, but I will absolutely push myself to do them with you all. Stupidity awaits us for GrowRuck, this type of thing allows us to begin to sharpen the bond we need to make it through seemingly crappy situations together.
Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him – so I’ve heard
Props to Babyface on becoming a cadre

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