AO: Oz

When: 06/27/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Blowpop, Cannonball, Hustler, Nano, Paper jam, Rug Burn,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler

You Got To Move It, Move It

If you know these guys like I do, then you know you have to keep them occupied or they start whining and complaining about whether or not there is coffee or how much they hate burpies or the weather or the Q. So I kept them moving with:

A warm-up of SSH, IWs, weedpickers, Phelps, sun gods and other stuff.


DORA 1-2-3 of 100 merks, 200 LBCs and 300 squats


A set of BLIMPS (an escalator of 5 Burpies, 10 lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merks, 25 Plank jacks and 30 squats)

11s of flutter kicks and squat jumps.

We kept moving…

But, the clock said 6:14:59, so we headed to the flag.

BTW, Chicken Fight and Ringpop were there as well.

Announcements: Convergence next Monday, July 4 at Sequoia Park (or HS, I forget, look it up).

Prayers for Hustler’s son 2 Squirrels who was diagnosed with covid and strep last night; Jean Heinze for her cancer-free diagnosis; PJ for shrinkage; and other intentions. We thanked God for allowing us to come out in the gloom and get stronger for those in our lives who need us to be stronger.

It was great.





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