AO: Murph City

When: 12/20/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Coco, Lexi, Mouserat, Saluki, Sooorie, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Trill

Today we explored new land, well as far as I know it’s never been used before at the Murph. Grounds were nice, not too hard, nor wet or abrasive. Bathrooms unlocked and lit. Picnic area for you dip, derkins, step up needs. You must go to know.

warmo: flip a F3 Christmas coin to decide the exercise, complements of Surf n turf, and idea inspired by seeing Vanilli shove a pile of them in a small sack and ask pax to dig in Santa sack at a beatdown day before.

thang: before explorer must pay dues to the pull bars. You got 10 minutes to knock out 50 pull ups.

Mosey to new land: big ass four corners, 10 merkins at each corner. Travel: run, bear crawl, Bernie, craw bear

Round 2: 10 Merks, 25 squats ea corner. Travel: run, crab forward, Bernie, reverse crab

round 3: 10 merks, 25 squats, 50 flutters ea corner. Travel: run, bear crawl, Bernie, crawl bear.

mosey back to flag.

honored Army Spec. Chancellor Keesling who lost an ultimate battle while deployed in Iraq.



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