AO: Murph City

When: 09/06/2022


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Coco, Grimace, Nesquik, Saluki, Scotchguard, Sooorie, Squirtle, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: Sooorie

Once a year, on the glorious 6th day of September, it is rumored that the cries of PAX can be heard in the distance, as Sooorie returns to the Murph to deliver gainz to his fellow PAX.

SCOTCH GUARD RETURNS- still no coffee, but we will take it!

Warm up

Mosey!  The Pax of the Murph are physically strong, but their hands need to be held or they get lost during Doras.  We toured the BD, and did warm up things.

The Thang 

2 min push up test

1 min pull up test

1 min squat test


24 merkins
24 squats
12 Pull ups

200 m run to the sandbags/45plates/dumbells- Pax had to select the heaviest they could find and carry it to the tire which was about 150m away.  Put down the weight.  Flip the tire.  Pick pu the weight, and return it to were they found it.

Mosey back to the playground to complete another round of:

24 Merkins
24 Squats
12 pull ups

Repeat until time.


We honored John H Pruitt who was awarded two medals of honor awards.  The message was about Motivation vs Habits.  How do we distinguish between inspiration-motivation-habits- passions?  Sooorie shared that he believed that ACTION was always the precursor to motivation.  Tired and wanting to fart sack- put your feet on the ground.  Dieting and don’t want to eat the boring food- take the first bite, have a honey do list- do the first one.

Many HIM’s don’t FEEL like doing what is neccessary, but they get it done.  How?  Magic?  I think it was merely a ton of small actions.

Prayers for Paper Jam, Oracle, and OP.  Prayers for not a lighter load but for strong shoulders.

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