AO: Slab

When: 06/22/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Bunny Slope, Copper, Edibles, Eggplant, Fritz, Kragle, Melon, Plus 8, Spider,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Edibles

My third of 3 Qs this week as part of my 2-year F3 anniversary week celebration.

With the rain, it was left to wonder what kind of turnout there would be for a BD. But we had a great showing for the planned pain. Even Bunny Slope made it out of the fartsack!

To get things started, we took a longer-than-usual mosey, we headed down Crestmont Way and then back around the main grounds of the AO and back into the parking lot for the WOR.

WOR included SSH, Weedpickers, Windmills, Tumbleweeds, Sun Gods, and Michael Phelps.

We then headed to the playground to start the Thang.


  • This has quickly become one of my favorites, maybe because the song takes me back to childhood or maybe it’s because it is not Thunderburpees (that’s Wax-on’s thing, not mine!)

Next, we headed back to the parking lot for more pain. YHC came in dead set on making sure we were not leaving dry, so I made sure to forego the cover of the clubhouse!

Iron Mike

All exercises were done in cadence.

Round 1

24 Hand Release Merkins

24 Big Boy Sit-ups

24 Carolina Dry Docks

Run around the main grounds.

Round 2

It got a little interesting when we got back to the Weinke, even though the whiteboard was under the cover of a tree, the rain washed away all the chicken scratches, forcing YHC to dig into the memory bank to recover the rest of the workout. This is my second Weinke this week that has perished under the elements.

24 Mike Tysons

24 Gas Pumps

14 Merkin Touch (down on 1, up on 2, reach out with one hand and touch the ground in front on 3, back to merkin position on the count)

Run up to entrance then 10 more Merkin Touch, with hands on the curb. With the asphalt being wet, it was hard to maintain traction adding the curb helped a bit.

Back to the clubhouse.

Round 3

24 Super Mikes (Mike Tysons but on the movement back to merkin position punch a hand out like superman switching hands)

12 Flutter Kicks

10 Carolina Dry Docks (traction made YHC call halt to the exercise)

We then headed back to the clubhouse for the last bit of pain!


For some reason, Spider thinks Eddie Murphy sings this song, but we all know it’s Sting! As much as I like Eddie Murphy, there is no way I would subject anyone to that!

  • On ‘Roxanne’ – 1 Merkin
  • On ‘Red Light’ – 1 Plank Jack
  • Hold plank on everything else




Q credits – 3 things the Q did good on and 3 things the Q needs to improve on


Prayer Requests

Coffeeteria – brought to you by Eggplant in place of Boondock + Copper’s signature hot chocolate for the 2.0s


Naked Man Moleskine

Need to be more mindful of the volume level (cadence count) around houses in the AO.

Need to work on not letting mumblechatter interrupt my cadence.

Need to consider muscle group variation.

The PAX appreciated the push today and not keeping them from the elements.

This is probably one of the tougher BDs I put together.

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