AO: Buff

When: 04/26/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Babyface, LawDog, Paper jam, Red Hat, Slum Lord, Woody, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

YHC had two ideas as to what to do for the beatdown. Ideas in the since that not really a plan because I needed to see who showed up and take it from there. Luckily the pillars of the Buff were present, Woody, PaperJam and Slum Lord. Babyface HC’d and was probably the first one in the parking lot. Z93 was also there. YHC thought, idea number 1 is probably the best option because some of these guys need to discovery the backside of the playground hill especially Babyface because he loves being prepared and knowing when to wear trail shoes and have a headlamp. He must not have been here that time Panhandle crashed into Mickey. Headlamps are dangerous, but Babyface did not have the Wicked Witch Coal Miners Special just a reasonable wattage so no injuries.

Anyway its 5:30 lets mosey, hey look there is one more pax showing up so time to take the lap around the parking lot to pick up the straggler, hey its Red Hat. Have not seen that dude since ManCamp 22 and he cooked sausage. With all pax now accounted for Imperial Walkers, Windmills, weedpickers, sun gods, Michael Phelps.

Grab your bell and off to the playground (not the defunct beatdown on Wednesday’s that the Mole dropped before he dropped the Buff). Leave you bell at the top by the swing sets. Mosey to the back side of the hill to show the pax where to go. Back to the bells. Time for 11s. 10 pull ups down the front side of the hill with 1 squat on the back side of the hill, etc, etc, you know the drill. The catch was every time you passed the bell 1 kodiak count Turkish get up.

Everyone finished with just enough time to get back to the flag, PaperJam where you going. He says he has one more pull-up to do. PaperJam we started with pull-ups you are done. He says he has one more pull-up and take his bell with him down the hill. We pick up the six, but not the rouge six who wants another pull-up so we waited at the top of the hill doing curls for the girls this summer until PaperJam got his one more pull-up.

Back to the flag for a 1 minute Zamperini hold.

Lots of prayers for today. Lots of people dealing with a lot.


BabyFace bought a 20lb Kettlebell with 45 stamped on it just to look cool. He even strained his face and grunted from time to time to make it look like a 45 bell Turkish get up.  As always Mr. Dependable. Slowly tracked down the leaders and first to finish.

Woody really needs to work on that left side.

Slum Lord is as happy a little kid on Christmas with pull-ups. If I would have added Elf on the Shelf he may have peed his pants in excitement.

Z93 mumbled a lot of nice words about YHC the entire 45 minutes.

Red Hat really had fun with the Turkish Get Ups but kept loosing count on the squats.

PaperJam got that one more pull-up in.



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