AO: Catbox

When: 03/26/2022


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Blowpop, Chubbs, Fleetwood, Ice T, Pop Up, Rembrandt, Roscoe P, Sega, Tackleberry,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler

Rembrant referred to the beatdown as “perfect” so I am going with that.

We started with mosey, then circle. I mentioned that at the 3rdF Breakfast, Bloodhound had said he sees F3 turning into a race at the expense of form, so we tried to focus on form today. Also, I emphasized picking up the 6 after you finish every exercise as opposed to doing planks or Mary until they are done.

Warms ups were SSH, windmills (which Exile did at the 3rd F beatdown and which help loosen those hammies, plus they are a good warmup for weedpickers as @Fleetwood pointed out), weedpickers, imperial walkers and some Copperhead squats and CH merkins and other stuff.

We built BLIMPS escalating with a run in between each.

Moseyed to the shelter where I showed the PAX the new picnic table I bought. Then 11 with dips up top and pullups in the kitty litter and picked up ithe 6.

Mosey to the field where were did crabcrawls (my least fave exercise) across and back and then three burpees then picked up the 6.

Then SPEEDBALL! Team No. 2, The Jets, won 2-1. Fleetwood finally got a chance to be on skins to show off how freaking ripped he is. No one got injured this time, I know, weird.

Mary till 7:30am. Tack was the 6. We prayed for his girls and his father, whom they are visiting in FL; Cathy Meeler, Jeane Heinze, that the guys at Savage Race did well and stayed injury free.  Prayers, no announcments,

Catbox was a little light today because several of the regulars — Backdraft, PB, Odd Job, Couchfire and Rugburn I think — were at the Savage Race.

I coudl not find them on the drop-downs, but Lefluer, Rubber Duckie, Ringpop, Chicken Fight — the Lost Boys also kicked butt.

Even without them, it was pretty great. Nay, perfect.

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