AO: Murph City

When: 03/21/2023


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Coco, Grimace, Nomad, Saluki, Swingline, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Grimace

A chat bot from the future appeared … he said he was sent to find the one named Saluki …. and he had a message to deliver.

Here’s what it gave us to complete:


  • SSHs // Mike Tysons // Navy seal burpees // Sun gods

The Thang:

I asked Chat GPT to build me an F3 workout that would incorporate running in short segments, a hill, and merkins / body weight squats / and pull ups and this is pretty much what it came up with besides me planning the circuit route…

Segment 1: “Short Circuit” (see what I did there…) of the following:

  • Start at bottom of the hill and run up hill
  • Station 1 = 10 merkins / 10 wide arm merkins / 10 diamonds merkins
  • Station 2 = 20 air squats / 20 jump squats / 20 lunges (10 /leg)
  • Station 3 = 10 pull-ups every time
  • Short runs between each station — we completed the whole circuit x2

Segment 2 “The Terminator” (again, see what I did there..)

Easy enough…tabata style

(6) 1 minute intervals of straight burpees w/ 15 seconds of rest in between

This is about the time Trill decided the computers were out to kill us and this is why they can’t be trusted….even Saluki was vanquished this day…

Burner of a workout but we mostly survived the BD and our robot overlords were pleased and we fended them off at least for another day….

A good time was had by all.


Honored a soldier as we always do in lieu of the 6th man:

Marine 2nd Lt. Therrel S. Childers.

Died March 21, 2003 (20 years to the day we honored him) Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom.


For those interested, also asked Chat GPT about F3 and this is what it came up with:

“F3 is a free, peer-led workout group for men. It stands for “Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.” & C The group was started in 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has since grown to include locations across the United States and beyond.

F3 workouts typically take place early in the morning, last for an hour, and include a mix of cardio, strength, and endurance exercises. Each workout is led by a volunteer member of the group, and the exercises can vary widely from day to day. The workouts are designed to be challenging but scalable to all fitness levels.

The fellowship aspect of F3 is also important, and members are encouraged to build strong relationships with each other outside of the workout setting. This includes regular meetings, social events, and service projects in the local community.

While F3 is not explicitly a religious group, the “Faith” component refers to the importance of character development and personal growth in the lives of its members. The group emphasizes the importance of virtuous living and helping others.

Overall, F3 is a community-driven, fitness-oriented group that seeks to build camaraderie and character among its members through regular workouts and fellowship activities.”

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