AO: Radio Silence

When: 03/16/2023


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Couch Potato, Hustler, Nano, P-body, Paper jam, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: P-body

It was a very chilly day outside. Nonetheless, Paper Jam, Couch Potato, The Count, and I ran a nice pre-run beforehand, then, with the addition of Hustler and Nano, we got into our AWESOME beatdown. We started off with a mozzy around the leftmost tennis court and up to the gazebo. Here we did the-


  • 10 SSHs
  • 10 Copperhead Squats
  • 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps


After that quick WOR, we mozzyed over to the hill near the back tennis court. The Count was sad we didn’t do any weedpickers so we threw some in there once we got there. After that, we moved straight into-


The Thang

One person would draw a card from the F3 Workout cards deck and we would do the workout on it. Then, we would run down the hill and Bernie Sanders back up it. We continued with this until 15-till where we switched to running down the hill then sprinting back up after doing the workout. Once time was close to hitting, we packed up and mozzyed back to the flag for the



I shared as six-man then, after collecting announcements and prayer requests, we balled it up and prayed it out.

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