AO: Roundabout

When: 08/30/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Couch Potato, Hustler, Mansplain, P-body, Small World, The Count, Walk Off,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hustler


Everyone kept asking me what a hunting safari from Africa was like, so I was like, “Shut up and come to the beat down.”

So, to South African music, such as Johnny Clegg, Appel and Weezer, we did the warmups, which was your regular fare although we did 50 SSHs as I described a few things about safari:



You carry a broomstick, which represented your 300 Win Mag rifle. So, always keep your broomstoick pointed in a safe direction, usually up.

Never stop moving your feet. We ran in place whenever there was a transition from one thang to another.

Safaris have a hunter and a PH, or professional hunter, that is, and outfitter or guide. So we paired up by twos, one hunter and one PH.

Would you believed some of the PAX stopped at about 40 SHHs? Well, modify as necessary. (This was going to be a looong safari, I could tell right away.)

Anyway, on safari, often you might start with a walk into the bosveld, so we did a Indigenous Persons Run, formerly know as an Indian run, around the park and then first person handed off a 2×4 “gun” over his head to the second, and so on, until the last person have the gun, at which point he ran to the front and it continued. The guys loved this. They were giggling and carrying on. Very cute.

Then, after a run/walk into the bosveld, also called the bushveld, we lined up at the 100-yard field and army crawled with our rifles for 25 yards, then squat walked with rifles 25 yards and sprinted back 50 yards to the start. The crawl and squat representing typical stalking toward a herd of antelope or a lion or whatever you are hunting.

The sprint represented the fact that at some point in that safari, you are going to be called upon to do something super-human, like run to the top of a hill/mountain, or run across a desert, either toward something, like your target animal, or away from something, that, for example, has bigger teeth than you do. But, just like in life, you should always be ready and physically able to do what the situation requires. They did OK, except Walk-Off, sho said he doesn’t sprint, in whcih case, he would be caught and killed by a lion, but his friends woudl at least get away.

Next, 7s on Kill-A-Man Jar-O Hill. 1 SSH/6 Merkins, again, spriting up and moseying down.

This is Roundabout, after all, so we had to do child’s play. This time is was South Africa’s second-most-popular sport after soccer, rugby. The Hunters were the Springboks (the South African national team name) and the hunters were the Warthogs. It was a mess, but we had fun. The ‘Boks won 99 to 14 or something like that (I think it was actually 28 to 20).

Some Mary in the COT.

Walk-Off was 6th man and told us about his family and some intimate details (his fave food is sushi).

Prayers for Walk-Off and his family(time management), CP for his outlaw’s move, Cali, Father Abraham’s grandkids, P-Body’s future wife who is out there somewhere waiting patiently, and others.

Special African blend coffee, which meant it was Starbucks Guatemalan with Folgers and a shot of Amarula for those who like a bit of party in their coffee.

P-Body had water, @nano, don’t worry.









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