AO: Apex

When: 05/19/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Camper van, Holy Water, Lamb Chop, Python, Short Circuit, Snot Rocket, Sooorie,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: Sooorie

Sooories Summer of Sprints and Speedos

Some men are born into greatness, some men seek greatness, and some men have greatness thrusted upon them.
-William Shakespeare

In the dimming hours before the Gloom, when a Site Q asks for a Q, Sooorie never says no.  Though, the PAX of Apex are subject to a beatdown.

Sprints- You know, they are the neglected movement of F3 cherokee.  In the short tenure Sooorie has been involved, they have been infrequent if used at all.  Sooorie is here to change that.

Short mosey to gather the coupons and a standard warm-up ensued.  Further- a demo for the PAX regarding Merkin and Squat standards, and how to scale.
During the warm up, Sooorie provided a clear vision to the efforts of the day.  Sprints, then a complex with the coupons, and bear crawls and Merkins.

100 yard sprints x 5
10 count to recover to full.  All out, nothing left behind, give it everything.  This is where we got strong.   The first effort is always a weird spot.  100% effort is given, the PAX are strong, and the effort is “Easy”.  It’s the subsequent efforts on where mental and physical fatigue starts to play with the PAX.
Python (2.0) attempted to sabotage the gains of Camper Van and Sooorie during their efforts, a gentle correction was provided.

After- 30 reps of bend overs (coupon), 30 reps of High fives (coupon) (with the coupon being held at the waist, straight arms, lift the coupon overhead and back down), and 30 push presses.  Strict, focused on form, no racing.   No man was left behind.  The 6 sandbagged the effort, not from physical limitations but mental.  The Pax did well to catch our 6, and finished the effort together.

Finally- Bear Crawl a parking space, bring the coupon with you (dragged normally) and then 5 Merkins on top of the coupon.  This was done until 5 minutes remained.
In the final minutes of the Beat down, fatigue finally set in.  Sooories heart swelled.  The Pax were tested, and they fought for their well-deserved gainz.

Mosey to the flag, no Mary today as the beat down was so well planned that a filler ab work out was not needed.

Prays for Snot rockets body, the wounds both physical and mental, and not for a lighter load but for the strength to carry our burdens through.

Snot rocket demanded a photo which went well until Sooorie blinked at the perfect time.  Coffee and a baptism ensued.

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