AO: Safari

When: 07/23/2020


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Dory, Duggar, Miyagi, Quagmire, Rest Stop, Wingman,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dory

In order to begin a backblast for #bd-safari on 7/23/2020, one must go back a day to 5:37am at #bd-the-kodiak during a Quagmire led Route 66 routine where, at the 2nd lamp post, Rest Stop asks for no Merkins at Safari.  Since we were both were performing an inordinate amount of merkins at the time, I thought his idea made a lot of sense…just not sure why he was sharing it with me specifically.  I shot him an exasperated quizzical look when he proceed to remind me I had the Q. As the memory of signing up to Q the Safari came flooding back into my mind, it was time to head to the next lamp post!

Current Day

Started a mosey promptly at 5:30am with Duggar no where in sight.  Truth be told, none of the PAX were worried and we all had confidence he would show.  As we proceeded up the road, sure enough, the Duggar mobile was sighted as he turned into Macedonia. As he drove past concerned about where we were headed, we assured him we would circle back to pick him up. Made a u-turn at the entrance and met up with Duggar in front of the baseball field for warm-o-rama.  Standard set of exercises but was sure to include some Quagmire stretches which are really helpful, despite my internal reluctance to give Quaggy more credit than he deserves!

Headed out to the baseball field for a field of dreams. With only 6 of us, some of us (cough, cough….where was Visor and Llama) had to work the bases on our own.  Got through 2 rounds of 10 burpees at home plate, AMRAP squats, merkins, and LBC’s at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.  Sorry Rest Stop…had to put some merkins on the menu for today.

Next up we headed to the out field for a routine aptly named the “Motor City Shuffle”. Pax lined up and repeated the following routine to the other side of the field. a.) Lunges x 2 b.) Burpee c.) Merkins x 5 d.) Plank Jacks x 5 e.) Frog / Broad Jump. This was a good routine as the mummble chatter on this one was legit!  Got in some American Hammers and monkey humpers and moseyed around the field to line up again.

Next up was Belching.  Starting from a lying down postion, pax jumped up sprinted 5 steps and dove back down (think advancing the line but no bullets). If you were too far, rev low crawl to line up. If you didnt go far enough, fwd low crawl to the line.  Rinse and repeat.  On the far side we got in some box cutters and happy jacks. Moseyed around the field to line up again.

Got in one more round of the Motor City Shuffle and still had just enough time in for a relay race around the bases.  Team Duggar, Miyagi, and Dory came in first place for the senior division. Team Quag, Rest Stop, and Wingman beat us by a quarter mile…good work gents!

Headed back to the flag to find it down…so 5 penalty burpees OYO. Rest Stop led us in a round of an exercise which I cant remember…but thanks!

Coffeteria was really fun this morning.  Ended up discussing Christmas Songs which I taught me you can learn a lot about a person based on their favorite yuletide jingle! Christmas Shoes will never be the same!  Prayers for Gandhi’s recovery, Wafflecone’s 2.0, Hitch’s 2.0 this morning.

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