AO: Oz

When: 02/17/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Dump Truck, Festiva, Flatline, Gecko, Juilliard, Long Island, Mandals, Smurfette, Vespa, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Vespa

The BackBlast:

Intro:  In honor of President’s Day, and the 45 Presidents that have been elected, each exercise consisted of a 45 second burst, with 15 seconds of active rest in between.  (All exercises except the warm-up followed this pattern).  Everything is AMRAP


Warm-o-Rama:  1 minute Merkins, 15 second active rest.  1 minute Bonnie Blairs (thanks Gecko), 15 second active rest.  1 minute Bicycles, 15 second active rest.  1 minute Box Jumps, 15 second active rest.  1 minute Flutter Kicks, 15 second active rest.

The Thang:  6 Rds of brutal, High Intensity Interval Training.

First five rounds: At your own pace

45 second Knee Taps, 15 second active rest.

45 second Burpees w/Tuck, 15 second active rest.

45 second American Hammers, 15 second active rest.

45 second X Mtn Climbers, 15 second active rest.

45 second Elbow Plank, Knee to Elbow, 15 second active rest.

45 second X Crunches L/R, 15 second active rest.

15 count in between each round.

By the end of the second round, any mumble chatter that was present, became non-existent, save a joke from Smurfette about why he was doing In and Outs during his active rest, something about it being a while and Mandals remarking about the different beatdown styles of Lucky Charms and YHC.  He remarked that Lucky kills you by running a marathon and YHC kills you in place.  What a compliment!!

Final rd: No active rest in between, double time pace.  YHC was super smoked by the end and worked extra hard to talk Smurfette from doing a post beatdown run of 5.5 from Oz to the Blacktop that YHC had agreed to before the beatdown.


COT:  Long Island has a job interview today.  Smurfette’s M has gotten a diagnosis and treatment plan for her bout with Vertigo.


Naked Man Moleskin:  We all have different beliefs: how we view the world, how we lead our families, what faith system we are a part of, what political party we support, etc.  And guess what?  That is totally okay, because we are more alike than different.  We all bleed the same.  We all want to be the best we can.  We all sweat and tire and push through theses beatdowns the same.  Instead of letting what makes us different keep us from genuine relationships, let our commonalities be the building blocks that allow us to understand and respect and champion those differences we do have.


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