AO: Radio Silence

When: 11/09/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Chicken Fried, Chubbs, CP, Mongoose, Paper jam, PianoMan, Slum Lord, Spicoli, Subzero, The Count,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Paper Jam

WARMUP: SSHs, Toy Soldiers, Weedpickers, Sun gods
THE THANG: Short mosey around tennis court to my truck to pick up slosh pipes.
Carried pipes to the bottom of the hill by the field.
Then PAX carried a pipe across the field and back while the rest of the PAX performed an exercise, until all had carried the traversed the field with a pipe/log. Then took a lap around 1/2 of the field. Washed, rinsed and repeated for the following exercises AMRAP:
Run up and back down hill
Sun gods

Since @Sooorie was not here to entertain us there was a severe lack of “pipe jokes”

Hauled pipes and logs back to the flag and finished with some Diamond BBSs.

MARY: Some Diamond situps (or whatever Chubbs was doing 🙂)
Need food donations for Nov 18th Must Ministry event at Veterans Park.
Prayers for @Sooorie (and those who know him) as he is heading for Cadre Training Camp.
Thanksgiving Day F3 Festivities
Prayers for PianoMan and wisdom for future life decisions. Prayers for CP MIL and family to deal with FIL passing.
Prayers for PJ’s parents, dealing with a return of cancer for Dad and care issues for both.
Prayers for PJ’s journey with cancer and for healing.

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