AO: Wicked Witch

When: 02/18/2020


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Almost, C4, Cricket, Garfield, Geppetto, Grylls, Helen Keller, Hombre, Kiffin, Oddjob, Panhandle, The Mole, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: McNally

QIC: Oddjob

The BackBlast:


WW gets turned on her hat.



The Thang:

Turned the WW on her head this morning into a // odified // urph.

Mosey down main trail head about 50 yds and then a quick left into the field behind barn.  Another left onto Yellow trail branch, cross the bridge and then left on Yellow main up to the bars.

// // announcement was made, and clear(C4 will testify) BD directions given- (3 circuits of 5 p/ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats), repeat the initial mosey, ending back to the bars for another 3 circuits.  Following this, PAX completed two additional .5 mile loops on Yellow, stopping at bars after each for 2 circuits of same exercises.    With plenty of time l/over, PAX left the bars down, raced yellow on their way to attack Big Blue, and then back to the bars for two more circuits!  Mosey to parking lot for 5-6 minutes of Mary.


C4 asked for wisdom/direction in upcoming decisions.    Prayers for Geppetto and M’s adoption journey.

Naked Man Moleskin:

The fog was dense, which always turns up the risk/adventure of the WW, adding to her mystique.   The Mole ran by finishing up his pre-run, while Kiffin mentions his disappointments over his last couple of trail runs, and his nagging aches/pains.   Other PAX begin to roll in, with a couple seemingly new faces…Helen Keller is here?!? He exits the car -like a first responder in an emergency- and begins to use his blue lighted Nike cap to conduct a physical examination on Kiffin as he stretches.    Following his diagnosis on Big Orange, HK mentions he had a potential FNG this morning.   This is going to be interesting.

Enter Z93.  It’s been a week since he recovered from his liver stone caused by Inverted Groat’s Disease.  Or could’ve been a pulled muscle caused by his last round of Elf on a Shelf or his physician administering a fury of kidney punches during the last exam.  He shares his prescribed Chlorzoxazone with Kiff, cause that’s how F3 Cherokee rolls!

Almost, almost completely enjoyed the 60 pull ups.  Cricket, Garfield, The Mole and few others were there- though YHC only saw them twice, at the beginning and the COT.  Full //urph next time for these slackers.  Speaking of slackers, where has LawDog been?

FNG pulls in just as PAX wraps up Mary. Does he get a name without participating?   He went to Marietta, thanks to HK directions- but turned his ambulance lights on to race to the correct location.

Some may wish to get lost next week, think I noticed a Dandy Q.  😮

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