AO: WoodstockRucks

When: 01/15/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Brady Bunch, Dropbox, Gut Check, Hottie, Mouth-2-Mouth, Scamper,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gut Check


It had been too long since YHC had Q’d WoodstockRucks. Dropbox asked if I’d take some Q’s this year (ask is NOT what he did). YHC told him they’d be adventurous. Today, YHC delivered with the first-annual, maybe only ever, Gut Check Challenge. There were promised on Slack of getting wet and cold and suffering. YHC delivered a snotwoggle as promised.


Gather at the Flag by 0455 (somehow Hottie missed that memo), divide into teams of 2, each with a 40lb and 60lb sandbag. With only 5 PAX to start, YHC was scrambling. Ruck to Woodstock War Memorial by 0500. Get there with sangbags to see Cadre Mouth waiting for the PAX… for disclaimer, Motto, and core principles.

Hottie comes rolling up to the Memorial, so YHC led all PAX back to the cars to get his loaner ruck and 60 lb sandbag.

The Thang

Cadre Mouth was feeling festive, full of Barrel House coffee (You’re welcome!) and knowing that YHC had already chased away the coyotes from Woofstock Park.

Teams for the event were as follows:

  • Drop Bunch
  • Scamp Bit
  • Hot or Not

Movement 1: Load all sandbags into the Cadre’s car. Mouth directs us to speed ruck to Woofstock Park. First team there is the winner of the movement. (Cadre Mouth Delivered the Sandbags to Woofstock Park. Winner: YHC don’t know, cause team Hot or Not was last!

Movement 2: Get it all wet. Cadre Mouth gives the PAX 7 minutes to get all rucks and 40lb sandbags into Noonday Creek and return. Team Scamp Bit decides it would be funny to yank on the Cadre’s chain and leave their rucks and sandbag at the creek because he forgot to say, bring it all back! The PAX pick it up for them and start huffing it back–joke was on the rest of the PAX! Winner: Team Drop Bunch

Movement 3: Star Spangled Sandbags. All Pax ruck up with soaked rucks and must hold their wet bags overhead. Cadre Mouths calls squats in cadence before dropping the surprise. All PAX must ruck overhead sing the Star Spangled Banner–in unison and as loud as possible. YHC is certain that the PAX woke up everyone in the nearby trailer park! Winner: Drop Bunch. 8 Bit is a regular Barbara Streisand!

Movement 4: Speed ruck with wet bags to the Elm Street Events Green. Winner: Hot or Not for defying the Cadre and taking the streets and not “the trail” and making the PAX wait a few extra minutes!

Movement 5: Cadre Mouth had the 60 lb sandbags ready for the PAX, lined up on the sidewalk. This movement was a 4-part PAX v. PAX head to head competition:

  1. 60×60. One PAX performs AMRAP Sandbag Burpees with the 60, while the other teammate does no count flutters with the 40 sandbag dripping overhead. Winner: 8 Bit with 13 Burpees.
  2. Team Bear Drag: Pax divide up rucks and sandbags and must bear crawl drag them to the stage and then hump all of it back. Winner: Team Drop Bunch who smartly pulled everything together!
  3. Sandbag Sled Drag: Each team must hook both sandbags together with carabiner to create a sled. Basic race dragging sled to the stage and back. Winner: Can’t remember. Team Hot or Not was in LAST!
  4. I’m Up, He See’s Me, I’m Down: You know the drill. Cadre Mouth called it off short for time. Winner: Team Drop Bunch, or ALL PAX for the modification!

Movement 6: Cadre Mouth got clever for the final movement. Here’s a firehose! Loop it through the handles of the sandbags–all 6 of them–and get the whole kit back to the Flag. This absolutely befuddled the PAX who each had an idea of the best way to go. We tried the shoulders–didn’t work because the hose was pulling the bags off our shoulders. Ultimately, the PAX just decided to do the hard thing as Farmer carry the whole damn thing. Took us almost 10 minutes to go a quarter mile. A perfectly miserable way to end the GCC-001!


1 Timothy 4:1-10. We are in the fight of our lives to maintain our faith. Everything is against us to turn us away from Christ. Paul reminds Timothy that our ONLY goal is to pursue godliness in all pursuits. Progress over perfection. F3 is important, but it’s not THE thing. Train First for Godliness.

Prayers for Brady Bunch’s M, BrainFart’s M, Foosball’s family.

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