AO: Hurt Locker

When: 07/16/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Babyface, Misty, Rest Stop, Subzero, Super Dave, T-Rex,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Misty

5 brave souls showed up without a clue of what YHC had cooked up, but with a promise that there wouldn’t be any bricks, so there was that. Inspiration struck late last night, but there was some trepidation on whether the execution could match the potential. In the best attempt to have a Monopoly themed beatdown this is how it all went down.

Quick warmup to get on to the main event.

“Go” was at the nearest endzone with “properties” set up every 10 yards. Community chest and Chance were on each side of the 50 and in the same endzone as Go, opposite side. The other endzone had Free Parking and Jail on either side. Each property had a Cherokee AO represented and also an exercise and # of reps. Properties were grouped by area within the region and corresponding reps increased in “value” each 50 yard grouping. Represented were: (And don’t @ me bro)


  • Chatterbox – 10 goofballs
  • Vineyard – 10 squats
  • Flying V – 10 mountain climbers
  • Clinic – 10 american hammers


  • Lions Den – 20 lunges
  • Arena – 20 imperial walkers
  • Slab – 20 apollo ohnos (just for Rest Stop)
  • Radio Silence – 20 J-Los


  • Kratos – 30 lbcs
  • Cheetah – 30 squat jumps
  • Stoneclad – *can’t remember
  • Paragon – 30 crunchy frogs


  • MorningWood – 40 yd sprint and back
  • Crossroads – 40 big boi sit ups
  • Kodiak – 40 merkins
  • Hurt Locker – 40 burpees (hey, its boardwalk, did you think it would be “cheap”?)

Rules went like this:

  • Everyone had a die that they would roll and move move around the field based on the number they rolled
  • Community chest and chance they would draw a card from the deck of F3 exercise cards and do what it said
  • If you landed on free parking you called out any PAX, named any exercise and gave them the # of reps (Babyface loved this almost as much as he enjoyed being in Jail, having been called out 4 or more times by the other PAX)
  • Jail started out that you had to do AMRAP air presses until everyone passed you at least once, but given the spreading out of the group we modified for Babyface’s 2nd time in to the first of 300 air presses or until everyone passed you at least once, whichever came first
  • Between Chance and Go you had to bear crawl the goal line
  • And every time you passed Go it was 20 SSHs.
  • Most number of times around Go was the winner

Babyface claimed the win, despite everyone’s best efforts to thwart him with their Free Parking reps, him going to jail and landing on “Hurt Locker” as well.

T-Rex suggested some tweaks to allow for property ownership, so we’ll see how this goes next time. Good time and got almost 2 miles with a lot of reps accounted for.

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