AO: Clinic

When: 04/24/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Blue Light, Driftwood, Glamour Shots, Lasso, Misc., Sgt. Slaughter, Steeplechase,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: John Thompson

Warmorama  – quick Warmaroma so we could move on to The Thing.

The Thing:

We stayed together during the Beat Down, pairs not 2 partners, and required everyone to finish until the six finished.  The partners had to continue the exercise until their partner finished.  We planked or air chart until the last Pax-Pair of 2 completed the thing.

Round 1:  The field

  • 50 Merkins (Sprint to the other side)
  • 30 Mike Tysons (Berny Sanders travel across the field)
  • 50 Big Boys
  • 50 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 100 Shoulder Press

Round 2:  The Stair retaining walls

  • 50 dips
  • 30 squats, deep squats requiring the Pax to touch their rearend on the retaining wall.

Round 3 – Amphitheatre stage

  • 7 mins of Mary – rotating fashion of Pax leading
  • 5 mins of stretching

The COT:

Announcements, Six Man, and Prayer for the unsaid prayers and burdens we carry.


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