AO: Flight Deck

When: 08/17/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Blowfish, Camper van, Code yellow, Downward Dog, Icy Hot, Rambling Wreck, Snot Rocket, Surf N Turf, Test Tube,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Snot Rocket


Mosey down to the bathrooms to pickup Surf ‘n Turf while Blowfish and Code Yellow rolled in hot. Some SSH/WP/Toy Soldiers/Sun Gods.

The Thang…

It was YHCs Mom’s Birthday today. She turned 73. So we grabbed some 12″ pavers out of my car and ran over to a dry erase board where YHC had a list of exercises. American Hammers/Lat Pullovers/Curls/Squat & Press/Big Boy Situps. PAX were to do 73 of the first exercise, then take their coupon and run a lap with it. There is a cowbell placed on a bench and when they come to the cowbell, they’re supposed to ring it. When PAX hear cowbell, all stop and do 5 SSH, then continue whatever they were doing. The worst was hearing the cowbell during BBS when you had to get up, then back down again. Really interrupted the flow. The pouring rain helped us all stay cool and wet. Rain really picked up near the end. We repeated all exercises. A few PAX got through the first 2 exercises again. YHC barely finished on time.

Naked Man Moleskin…

Rainy beat downs are usually memorable. This one was. Enjoyed being able to Q these men in tropical depression Fred. In the past, my dry erase board didn’t have issues in the rain, today it did. Had to remember the exercises. Blowfish helped me. Good times!

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