AO: MorningWood

When: 10/13/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chitwood, Floppy, Hopper, Leaky, Misty, Rest Stop, The Joker, Yogi,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rest Stop

At the Morningwood we run, so we ran. Misty, Yogi, The Joker and YHC showed up for the 4:30 Run Club meeting and got in some extra miles.

For the main event, we split up into 3 teams. We would go on a TOUR of HOMEs through lovely Woodmont and Hoodmont (home to Mayor Chitwood). All teams have to run to the homes of Misty, Chitwood and Duggar, but each team had to start with one of the 3. Each house is spaced throughout the neighborhoods, but all can be reached within 45 mins or so.

The team of Misty and Leaky were victorious and won themselves a Free Waffle House breakfast at the upcoming 2nd Annual Waffle House run. Team of Floppy and Chitwood was in 2nd. Finishing 2nd was probably due to these two stopping and talking to everyone they met on the road, because they know everyone! The team of Yogi, Hopper and Rest Stop was in third. I blame this on us not having a resident Woodmonter or Hoodmonter on our team. We got a little sidetracked on the “short cut” through the golf course. We also took a dip in Duggar’s pool. Finally, Hopper is a Runner not let him tell you he is Rucker!

Congrats to The Joker for getting married this weekend, getting home last night, and still making it to the 4:30 Run Club Meeting. Great time this morning and nothing like running with MorningWood! Rest Stop Out

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