AO: Kodiak

When: 01/31/2024


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Dory, Duggar, Gandhi, LawDog, Maytag,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dory

WARMUP: Mosey over the middle school. Duggar was quick to start complaining that we were in the wind and it was cold (not that he had no jacket on mind you). Lawdog’s mumblechatter was subpar…only one cheesy joke about YHC’s Hill Billy form. Got through a normal warm-o- rama and mosey’d over to the back field behind the middle school.
THE THANG: Surprise # 1, much to Lawdogs disappointment, we were greeted by some pre-positioned cinder blocks. Each PAX grabbed a cinder block and headed to the field. Surprise # 2, Lawdog was quick to point out that I gave instructions for 5 cones and only 4 cones were present. How could that be? I counted my cones last night. Oh well, push through and get going with a modified Quarter Pounder. Murder bunny to each cone, do an exercise, backwards run to start, run back to your block, and advance it via murder bunny to next cone. Exercises included 20 merkins (cone 1), 40 squats (cone 2), 60 plank jacks (cone 3), 80 air presses (cone 4), and 100 SSH (cone 5…aka water bottle). Surprise # 3…it was Lawdog’s idea to use a water bottle! Took a lap around the field…but for some the lap was a bit shorter and narrower than others! Grabbed are blocks and headed back towards the start. Halfway back we stopped for 10 KB Swings (4 count). Back at the start, we went from sideline to sideline holding our blocks in different ways. (1) Zamparini across then 5 Absolution, (2) Farmer Carry across then 5 Bay City Scissors. Surprise # 4 – Lawdog came up with another good idea (only cause he wanted to keep his tooshie dry) to sit on the block. (3) Middle Grip Carry across – 5 Man-Maker Burpees. (4) Middle Grip Carry (opposite hand) – 5 inch worm merkins. We still had time so YHC was trying to think of another carry and guess what…surprise # 5 Lawdog had yet another good idea. (5) Carry block with arms extended out in front (have no idea what the name of this carry is) across. This carry elicited extensive delight by the PAX – 10 overhead press (4 count). (6) Farmer carry (opposite hand) across. We got a Colt 45 in, grabbed the cones, and headed back to the flag!
MARY: With a minute left we got in some box cutters and dolly’s before hitting time.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hombre’s Woodmont AR, Man Camp 2024 in March
COT: Great to have Gandhi back with us today. I am guessing the Sky Q was heralding Gandhi’s return by shedding light on our AO once again! Very cool to have Maytag in the “Pax in Slack” field! Lots of prayer requests included Dandy’s (M), Pella’s (M), upcoming surgery for Dooty, Job Search for Dixie Chick, prayers for peace for my BIL (Ryan) as he grapples with the reality he is going to need a new heart, prayers for my M sick with the flu, Legionnaire’s continuing recovery from pneumonia. Gandhi encouraged us to be HIM’s of our households and pray with our M’s.

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