AO: Crossroads

When: 06/17/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Alcoa, Carmen SanDiego, Donner Party, Doubtfire, Duggar, Geppetto, Orvis, The Mole, Twiggy, Wiggum,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Duggar


Warm O Rama:

16 Imperial Walkers

10 Windmills

10 Good Mornings

Sun Gods

Michael Phelps

Gather Coupons

The Thang Part 1:

4 songs on the play list.

Stand by REM: PAX planked until Michael Stipe sang “Stand!”, at which point all PAX stood with coupon high over their heads, then down to plank waiting for the next “Stand!”

Jump by Kris Kross: PAX performed squats until “Jump!” Each Jump, PAX had to jump. Otherwise, squats continued.

Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton: PAX start with coupon and do arm exercises. Each time Clapton sings “Lay Down Sally”, PAX hit the deck for a hand release Merkin. Back to their feet where arm exercises resume. Curls, Presses, High Pulls, Kettle Bell Swings.

I Saw The Light by David Crowder Band: Balls to the wall for the duration of the song. If (when) a PAX fails before the end of the song, punishment is 20 SSH, then back to the wall.

The Thang Part 2:

Some DORA:

200 Dips

300 Step Ups

400 Inclined Merkins

Meanwhile, the other PAX is farmer carrying 2 coupons from the playground to the far edge of the parking lot and back.


Just enough time to return the coupons, bust out some dying cockroaches, some resurrected cockroaches and some crunch frogs. Yum, yum!


Praise for YHC’s continued recovery after hospitalization and thanks for prayers and concern. The world.

Naked Moleskin (LITERALLY!):

Lots of honored commitments in this one. Duggar honored his commitment to Q despite his recent hospitalization. Also honored his commitment to wear PJs to the beatdown. The Mole honored his commitment to fully shave his head because F3 Cherokee got to 100 PAX (allegedly) on Tuesday.

Alcoa expressed some disdain for a music Q but was AGGRESSIVELY SHOUTED DOWN by Duggar. Some mumbling and grumbling about songs being too long. Once the playlist settled in Twiggy was a fan.

We were buzzed by a couple of helicopters and then a UFO which was just a fancy jet worth more than we are. Alcoa’s company didn’t buy a plane and that was good!

And we had the return of Donner Party! He no longer felt his excuses were valid. Now if only we could get Pelosi to join us.

Peace out!

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