AO: Chatterbox

When: 04/24/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bagger, Doddy, Drumstick, Grylls, Lizard King, Narco, Trill,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: grylls

First BB in a long time…  hope you feel honored reading this.

To fill the time, YHC led the pax on long runs between the routines.  It was also raining the entire time, so YHC felt compassionate and tried to keep the pax warm with constant movement.  This helped the pax get a ridiculous and erroneous amount of miles for their step-counting competitions.

Warmup included SSH, Mountain Man Poopers, Sun Gods, and Windmills.

The Thang:

  • Mozy to get the coupons that have yet to be stolen from behind the shed again.
  • First routine is 11’s that take WAAYY too much time, but we finish nevertheless.
    • Thrusters with the coupons on one side of the field, 40 yard mozy, and curls on the other side.
    • YHC modified to always do 10 curls because anything less was not worth stopping for.
    • As usual, Bagger completely modifies the exercise by turning the thrusters into a harder exercise that includes a bent-over row
  • Next routine is Murder Bunnies and burpees: 10 bunnies, 1 burpee;  10 bunnies, 2 burpees; 10 bunnies, 3 burpees; … and so on until we reach 10 bunnies and 10 burpees.
    • This routine seems to be much harder than expected and pax begin talking way too much, indicating that they’ve given up.  This pisses YHC off quite a lot.  Eventually the routine is modified to be 5 bunnies and 5 burpees.  Cross the field until all pax reach a random point that YHC reached first.  It seemed convenient.
    • Drumstick complains non-stop about the lack of holes in his block, although they are there like everyone else’s.
    • Some pax resort to throwing their coupons forward after some burpees or bunnies or whenever they felt like it.  Very Inspiring.
  • Next routine is partner coupon run:
    • Partners run in opposite directions of a loop with each of their own coupons
    • Upon meeting, the partners each complete 6 burpees (6 was a good number.. 5 is too little, 7 is too much)
    • Pick up the coupons, keep running until YHC ends it at some random time.
    • Narco runs with his coupon in Rifle Carry… maybe once.  It’s dumb.
    • The coupons were then stacked nicely back in their place and prayers were said that they remain until next time.
  • In honor of our never-again-seen-Garfield, the next routine is “The Garg”:  5 exercises followed by a short mozy; where the reps increase for each set
    • 1 each of burpees, squats, Big Boi Situps, Carolina Dry Docks, SSH.  Once all pax are done, then run to the next station (which happened to be nicely spaced Frisbee Golf goals near the track)
    • 2 each of the exercises… run to the next goal.  Pax stay together.
    • 3 each….  run to the next goal
    • keep going until 5-10 minutes are left
  • Finally, a single lap around the track via Indian Run.  All of the pax had the honor of sprinting to the front a couple of times.
  • Finished the final minute of the hour with YHC’s favorite ab routine: American Hammers

As always at the Chatterbox, the best part was the chatter and then some breakfast afterwards.  Lizard King brought some pre-breakfast coffee and then the pax solved the world’s problems.  Successful Day.

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