AO: The Ronin

When: 11/20/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Babyface, Driftwood, Foosball, Tenderloin, The Mole,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Foosball not Tenderloin

  1.  Foosball was shirtless and Tenderloin was pantsless
  2. Foosball determined the drunken route we ran
  3. Tenderloin was just there to support Foosball on another weak effort to put together a poorly executed Q

Nobody really cares what I write, and they care even less about the exercises performed.  To keep site Q happy, we ran over 5 miles and completed many dips, more than 100 I believe.  In an effort not to have his name (Panhandle) tied to this Q, he practiced the weakest of leadership and called in sick.  I mean, Comeon Man!

At every turn I thwarted young Tenderloin, if he ran one way, everyone else followed the true leader in the right direction.  We followed no paved paths…we ran in the grass, gravel, and a single track trail down to the river.  We dipped at every bench.  And I am pretty sure we scared the hell out of that poor girl on the trail when we came running out of the woods.  We cursed alot, and everyone was left speechless by my superior pace and power.  All in all a good day.

I know everyone is wondering about the title of the BB.  Thank you Babyface for offering that as your prayer request this morning…we will be praying for your dick and the asteroids that live in it (i.e kidney stones).

On a short serious note, pray for Babyface for the above and also for The Mole with his Mom and Dad.  Love you guys, and thankful you all came out for this thing.


Oh yea, lest I forget…F*&k you Mole and Bonilla is still an Ass.

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