AO: Castle Black

When: 07/20/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Aisle 7, Bloodhound, Dixie Chick, Duggar, Floppy, Fudd,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dixie Chick

Three years, seems like yesterday I was purposely positioning myself near the grass at the Kodiak to make sure if I puked I would splash as little as possible. It is an honor to lead you men in the gloom. I missed the brotherhood and camaraderie of the Corps. F3 has filled that missing piece well. We may not be deploying into foreign countries and not knowing what to expect or if we will all make it back. However  I have seen the Men of F3Cherokee come together and help each other and the community fight many battles. (Addictions, loss of a loved one, poverty, depression, health, divorce, loss of jobs and numerous others I am missing)  Who would have thought showing up with a bunch of other weirdos at 0530 would make such a difference in my life, but you Men have made a huge difference in my life. (Physically, emotionally, mentally, as a Father, Husband, Friend and leader at work) I love you guys, you are my kind of weirdos!

On to the the Thang!

Short mosey with a few reps to loosen up. Hillbillies, Weed Pickers and Michael Phelps in cadence for Duggar.

The pyramid of pain consisted of five rounds with a decreasing amount of exercises, but increasing reps.

Round one: (20 Reps) Merkins, Star Jumps, Man Makers with sandbag, Skull Crushers with sandbag and lunges with bag.

The plan was for five lap around the main island, but seeing how long the first round took us we modified the length of the lap.

Round Two: (30 Reps) Flutter kicks holding the sandbag up, Toss the sandbag over the shoulder (15 ea side) Squats with sandbag and Thrusters with sandbag.

Four laps of the shortened lap.

Round Three: (40 Reps) Curls (for the girls) with sandbag, Jump squat and box cutter with the sandbag.

Three laps

Round Four: (50 Reps) At this point I was thrilled we were done with the bags. Shoulder Taps and SSH.

Two laps

Round Five: (100 Reps) LBC

We missed the last lap, but I used every second of my allotted 45Mins in the BD. (Finished @ 0615:57) Next time we can shoot for finishing the whole pyramid and prescribed distance.


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