AO: WoodstockRucks

When: 07/08/2020


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Brain Fart, Dropbox, Gut Check, Hass, Hooch,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hooch

This day in history, 70 years ago, on July 8, 1950, MacArthur was named commander-in-chief over all UN Forces in Korea.  General Douglas MacArthur is perhaps best known for his role in leading the US forces in WWII’s Pacific theater of war.  However, his military career spanned 48 years, from 1903-1951, including noteworthy service in WWI and the Korean War as well.  As no man present this evening has ever done anything for 48 years, we took pains to recognize the commitment and sacrifice this man made on behalf of our nation and for the cause of freedom globally.  Our work was but a very brief and trivial tribute to the 48 years of selfless service this man gave.

Wednesday Night Special has moved to a “floating AO” format where the Q chooses starting location.  Tonight we rucked out of Woodstock City Church, up Ridgewalk and Main Street to Brooke Blvd and JJ Bielo Park (West).  Thanks to some recon work a few weeks ago, a dream became a reality tonight as we connected the dots between the West and the East sides of this massive tract of park land.  Took the path between tennis center and playground to cross Rubes Creek at a nice shallow spot, wading through water only shin-deep.  Hass made sure the bank was nice and compact for us with a new tamping maneuver.  We called many ruck exercises throughout the night, but his Ruck Slip is not one we’ll be repeating on purpose.  Good thing he’s tough.
Once across the creek, we rucked the paths of the Little River sewer easement and then the JJ Biello Park (East) woods.  Two-minute ruck-off break for relief, to remove unwanted remnants of the creek bottom from our shoes, and for the PAX to receive background on MacArthur and instructions for the themed PT that would soon follow.  We set out a light on the west end of the expansive soccer field complex, rucked the south perimeter of the park, and began our return approach to the red light, appx. 1/4 mile.  However, instead of rucking back, we army-crawled and ran as if being shot at, ruck on, with 12 rounds of PT to get the heart rate up, perhaps simulate MacArthur’s trudge across the Philippine Islands, and honor his 48 years of service with 48 reps of each exercise.  Each PAX called out two rounds of his exercise of choice.  Last PAX in line hauled his ruck on his back one round and dragging it another round through a 25-meter army crawl to the front of the line, face in the Bermuda grass – this was tough!  48 reps each: ruck-on squats, shoulder taps, lunges, imperial walkers, air press, and goofballs… then ruck-off flutter kicks (ruck over chest), bench press (w/ruck), plank ruck pull-throughs, burpees, Cusak’s, LBC’s.  Brief water break and mumblechatter about how hard we worked and how weak we are and how tough 8-bit is kicking our butts at all this even with a sprained ankle.
Pick up the light, ruck back to the east side of the fields and exit north to re-enter the Little River sewer easement trail.  Ruck back to the confluence of Little River and Rubes Creek to cross the creek and reverse the first portion of our route and return to the shovel flag.

Praying for Ja’Niya, for Dropbox’s career decisions, for Gut Check’s family service decisions related to foster care and the future, and for Brain Fart’s son and his birth parents.  So good to have Brain Fart join us in the fun tonight.  Loved that we could all 6 enjoy some midnight WaHo and continue some good conversations.

It is my absolute pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen.  Thank you for your influence in my life and for joining me to get stronger together in fitness, fellowship, and faith.  Ruck on.

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