AO: Kodiak

When: 05/28/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Dory, Hombre, LawDog, Legionnaire, Pella,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LawDog

Dixie Chick hit YHC up on Slack and said promote the 3rd F breakfast since you have the Q tomorrow. Q tomorrow. Where do I have the Q tomorrow. Oh. Apparently I am the Q at the Kodiak. What to do? total randomness.

5:30 sharp, Pella, Legionairre followed YHC while Dory Lead Hombre and Hollywood.

Warmaroma – run to the Creekland bus lot. Imperial Walkers to 13, Weedpickers to 7, windmills to 9, sun gods oyo.

The Thang:

At the middle lane, quarter pounder – run to the end of the lot for 100 side stradle hops, run to the 2nd island for 75 mountain climbers, run the 1st island for 50 LBCs, well we do not  have a quarterly divided area so run back to the end of the parking lot for 25 merkins. Every time you ran back to the start 3 burpees.

Run down to the TB13 field. Army crawl until YHC called out an excercise like merkins or squats, then army crawl to a 6 count popping up to jump and back down to a crawl until YHC got tired of army crawling.

Still on the TB13 field. Run to the lacross goal and perform 10 rolly polly merkins. At the bottom of the merkin role over. Run back to the start for 10 monkey humpers. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Mosey from the field to the High school passing through the trailer class rooms. Hey look at that spot its perfect for derkins. 10 oyo. Hey look at that spot its perfect for bulgarian squats, 10 each leg oyo. Hey look at that curb. Line up and follow YHC stepping up and down rocky balboa style down to the end of the curb. Hey look we need to do the same thing on this curb. Hey look, there are poles by the new ag building, 10 single arm pulls each arm oyo and then bear crawl to the end of the fence. Hey look, that curb at the end of the bus lanes is perfect for dips. 20 dips, run a lap around the kidney bean loop, 15 dips run a lap, 10 dips run a lap, hey for the 5 dips YHC has an idea. Lets up our feet up on the guardrail and do dips with our feet way up above us…bad idea, abort, tricep cramp, done with dips.

Lets run back to the flag. ok turn around and run backwards, now forwards, no backwards, now Hey look, the hill by the teach parking lot, 10 monkey humpers run backwards up the hill for 10 squats, plenty of time so rinse and repeat 3 times. now back to the flag for real, now run backwards, now forwards, now backwards, now forwards.

Each pax call a mary.

Dory and his crew came back just in time for the COT.

Mad props for Dory running a 0.0 for those on the DL. True HIM to stay dedicated.

Hombre is working hard and will be running the sawnee mountain race on July 10. Sign up and support him as he inspires all of us through overcoming adversity.

YHC broke Pella. He went all batflipper and just refused to do some of the stuff. No backwards running back to the flag. YHC would brag about having a tough beatdown, more extreme than any others, but Pella was a man and prerun with the MW crowd at 4:30.

Legionairre asked when did Sequoyah become Creekview. Dumpster fire and all.


Thriving amongst chaos. The only certainty in life is that we will all die. What we do with this time on the big blue ball is more important than anything else. The world is full of chaos. At some point in your life, you will feel like everything is out of control. Sometimes it is. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes life just sucks. There are valleys.  That is why you should post. That is why these beatdowns should be hard. That is why we sign up for CSAUPS. If we subject ourselves to hard things intentionally, to uncertain challenges, we will become stronger in the hard things we do not control. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  Be inspired by Hombre.  Hombre is the man. He is setting a gold standard. Hombre inspired many of us to try hard things. YHC is grateful for being introduced to adventure racing by Hombre.  No doubt, these kind of challenges (and a lot of faith) prepared him to overcome this past year. I am inspired by the way he has responded to life’s challenge and blown away at the recovery he is making.


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