AO: Slab

When: 04/20/2023


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Boondock, Copper, Edibles, Juilliard, Spider,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Edibles

With so much drama at the S-L-A-B YHC took the 4/20 Q to Accelerate the PAX high(er). And with the name Edibles, it would be dumb of me not to take the opportunity to make a commemorative Q out of it! So, it became Edibles’ Day at the Slab.


I brought along a very special guest DJ. He kept the music going but was stoned out of his mind, so YHC had to carry him throughout the BD. He is definitely no stranger to the high life and really didn’t need much of an introduction. It was the Snoop D O double G only present in image. After introducing the very special guest DJ, it was time to mosey and get after the Warm-o-rama.




Weed Pickers

Imperial Walkers

Sun Gods

Michael Phelps


Coming off the high of the WOR we moseyed down to the bottom of the parking lot to get to The Thang. Given that this was a special day, it called for a very special Thang. This was a trivia beatdown. Trivia revolved around This Day in History and Pot-related Pop Culture.


  1. Deepwater Horizon

On this day in 2010, the largest marine oil spill in history occurred. The initial explosion on the Deepwater Horizon deck resulted from a methane gas bubble escaping from the well. How far away could the fireball from the explosion be seen?

A: 40 miles

Incorrect – 11 Grave Diggers for the crew members that died + 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. Super Troopers


Who was the cartoon character that was tied to the pot bust in Super Troopers?



A: Johnny Chimpo

Incorrect – 14 No Surrenders – 14 the meows in cat scene + 7 Smurf Jacks for Shenanigans + 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. MJ


On this date in 1986, Michael Jordan sets an NBA playoff record for points in a game. How many points did his Airness record?


A: 63


Correct – 10 Dry Docks + 13 Merkins


  1. Danica Patrick

On this day in 2008 Danica Patrick because the first female to win an IndyCar Championship event at the Indy Japan 300. This race was delayed due to rainwater seeping on the track. How many hours was the race delayed from the original start time?


A: 22 hours


Incorrect – 7 pullups (car number) + 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. Saturday Night Live

This musical group was banned from Saturday Night Live in 1993 because a member of the group lit a joint while on stage. Name that group.


A: Cypress Hill


Correct – 3 bear crawls up the big hill


  1. 420 Signs


In 2014 the state of Colorado removed mile marker 420 along I-70 adding mile marker 419.99. What 8 major cities does I-70 pass through or near?


A: Denver, Topeka, KC, STL, PIT, Indy, Columbus, Baltimore

Incorrect – 8 Plank Jacks (8 cities) + 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. Cannabis Cup

Now hosted in multiple locations where recreational use is legal, the Cannabis Cup is a state fair-like competition and expo that was founded in 1988 in what major capital city?


A: Amsterdam


Correct – 8 Windmills in Cadence for the 8 original windmills remaining in the Netherlands


  1. Births

On this day an infamous world leader was born in 1889. Some say that this leader’s birthday is a source of inspiration for other events that have occurred. Who was this leader?


A: Adolf Hilter. Hitler is responsible for starting WWII that resulted in over 50m deaths.


Correct – 5 grave diggers + 10 no surrenders (5×10 = 50 for the 50m deaths)


  1. Friday

Name the actors that played the two main characters in Friday?


A: Ice Cube & Chris Tucker


Incorrect – 20 monkey humpers (20 days it took to shoot the movie) + 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. Oil Prices

In what year did the price of a barrel of crude oil historically turn negative?


A: 2020 – on April 19th oil closed at $18/barrel and opened at a -$38/barrel on 4/20/2020


Correct – 18 gas pumps for the $18/barrel

  1. Ted

Who voices Ted in the movie Ted?


A: Seth McFarlane


Incorrect – Bearpees from one side of gras to sidewalk + 20 flutter kicks


  1. Columbine

On this day in 1999 two high school students carried out the deadliest high school at its time at Columbine High School in Columbine, CO. This event left 13 dead and 24 injured. How many rounds of ammo were fired during this tragic event?


A: 188


Incorrect – 13 Grave Diggers (for the 13 deaths)+ 4 burpees & 20 flutter kicks


  1. Harold & Kumar

Which US President smokes with Harold and Kumar in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay?


A: George W. Bus


Correct – 1 Guantanamo (like a ring of fire but on your six legs and 90° one pax moves around the circle pushing each pax legs down and when he is done the next pax, repeat until all pax have gone)


We then put the coupons away and headed back to the flag for Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, and COT.


We then enjoyed coffee and the brownies YHC brought to the party. I am sure we all left the AO a little higher than we came.

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