AO: Oz

When: 02/10/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Brownie, Dump Truck, Festiva, Lucky Charms, Mandals, Odd Job, Panhandle, Shaggy, Spielberg, Vespa, Waffle Cone,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Juilliard

QIC: Panhandle

The BackBlast:


YHC was excited to Q at the OZ again.  It has been way too long and thankfully, it did not disappoint.






The Thang:

Began with a Mosey up around the lot

Lined up on a curb, did an ascending merkin line – all PAX line up on the curb, do merkins OYO, the last PAX moves up front after 5 and continues doing merkins, then the next PAX begins counting to 5 until you get all the way through

Burpee Mile – Run as a group, dropping to do burpees on YHC’s mark (15 for a few rounds, then 10 – 75 burpees total)

Grab disc for Frisbears – 2 rounds of every PAX throwing disc, PAX sprint after disc, bear crawl to it when it lands, unless someone catches it

Indian Coupon Run – grab heavy river stones, do indian run with them, raise above head on YHC’s mark and down on mark – run whole lot back and forth

Burpee ROF- alternate low and high planks while each PAX takes a turn at doing 5 burpees around circle

Captain Thor’s to end – 8 rounds until time


Prayers for Waffle Cone, Pruitt family


Naked Man Moleskin:

YHC was nervous that he would not show up in the right place, but thankfully LC ensured YHC did not go down to Peachtree City by sending a MapQuest link over Slack.  YHC showed up and started prepping, being instantly greeted with the Whistle Pig of the cookie world, Girl Scout cookies from Vespa.  Once our shady dealings were done, Shaggy slowly made his way out of the woods to join us after feasting on last night’s kill, while the PAX debated glove usage.

We started to run and apparently some PAX (LC) were concerned YHC was going to leave them in the dust after simply running to the higher end of the parking lot. Someone started to quote no man left on their behind or something like that. All the PAX loved the merkin line, someone gave YHC a hug afterwards in gratitude.

Apparently Spielberg sold his soul to acquire the power of burpees. Don’t think YHC has seen someone enjoy doing burpees as much as Spielberg, as well as doing them so flippin’ fast. He kept finishing and then would just stare at you while you finished, it got uncomfortable, but YHC started to wonder if said soul exchange may be worth the burpee power as well.  Before YHC could dwell on the ramifications of that deal, we finished as Spielberg nodded knowingly.  (Thanks for the business card you gave YHC after the CoT for that soul exchange and conjuring!)

We played around with the disc afterwards, LC couldn’t touch it as he has sworn an oath again all things involving discs in F3.  Mandals got fancy with a hammer throw, sliding catch, catch between the teeth, under the leg toss, catch on top of a moving car, toss while a monkey is insulting you about your credit score (YHC thinks that was real…not sure).  It was really impressive. Contrary to the League, Spielberg was unable to catch anything. Apparently his soul powers can only give him one area of strength each day. Someone tossed the disc towards the woods instead of straight (thanks for that), which allowed YHC to discover the coupons and change up the normal plan (which would have been more burpees to music). LC or someone else, (LC) made a comment that they couldn’t hear the music and if only it had a strap for someone to carry it, that would be great.  YHC didn’t want to get his phone wet, so… yeah… suck it, YHCs tech is delicate and needs to be cared for like an overprotective mom guiding her young son through a crowd of alcoholic clowns.

YHC is not sure, but suspected Odd Job was contemplating hitting YHC with a rock/coupon during the indian run.  YHC turned around to mention something and he had it over his head with that crazy look in his eye.  Could have just been because YHC said to hold it above your head for this stretch, but you never know with ol’ Odd Job…aka the Scranton Strangler… you never know

Vespa had the best downward dog plank of the bunch, if you are just going to go for it, YHC would appreciate the PAX modeling their downward dogs after Vespa’s.  Vespa also mentioned something about Black History Month and his right to do what he wants …not sure…YHC just didn’t make eye contact, agreed 100% and sprinted away like Ralph Fiennes in the Grand Budapest Hotel




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