AO: Safari

When: 04/22/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Carmen SanDiego, Fudd, Pella, Quagmire, Rest Stop, WALL-E,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


Arriving at approximately 0529:59 I hopped out of the truck and hollered “Let’s Mosey!”. Departing from the flag right on schedule we mosey’d to the end of the school Road only to make a U-turn and back to the school down to the lower parking lot. In route back to the school, Quag was sure to voice his concerns of the lengthy mosey. I assured him he would be just fine.

We briefly conducted warm-up exercises that looked like 10 IC SSH, 10 IC Weed Pickers, 10 IC Sun Gods forward and 10 IC backwards, lastly OYO Michael Phelps.

Following that YHC announced The Thing. 

From one end of the parking lot we ran to each  of the (4) middle light poles and back to the starting point. At each light pole there 25 burpees due and each visit to the starting point there were 25 BBS due (or BBS/crunches or whatever WallE was doing – still unknown). Once this was complete we took one lap around the parking lot to “remain loose” for more burpees – however everyone but YHC assumed we were finished with burpees 😂.

Mosey’d to the top parking lot where we started on a row of 25 parking spaces. By “started” YHC means bear crawl to next parking spot, stand up, conduct one burpee (includes a jump to complete said burpee so only a fraction of Pella’s actually counted), and then bear crawl to next parking space. Complete to the end of spaces. With about 10 minutes remaining and Pella laying on the ground, we mosey’d down to somewhere around the ball fields. Any guesses? You got it – 25 IC Burpees. Mosey back to the flag for Mary consisting of Dolly Pardons and Box Cutters. Time.

COT. Prayers for WallE’s dad and RestStops uncle. Strong talk of EHing guys to get out in the gloom. Just need to execute now.

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