AO: Woodshed

When: 10/29/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: adrian, Boondock, Charmin, Dump Truck, Tinfoil,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Copper

Copper Q 10/29/22 War Towne/Woodshed 

Adventure Race Beatdown

Welcome, mission & core values skipped in the interest of time since there were no FNGs.

Warm o Rama: 1 SSH

The Thang:

Divide into teams of 2 adults and however many 2.0a. Stations are set up and hidden around the Hobgood park and Bascomb Elementary school areas. Teams run around searching for stations using a map they are provided. Each station has a workout to be completed by the team together. The goal is to get to all the stations. At 7:50 all teams were to come back to the flag. If all stations have been found, teams would return to the flag and roll the exercise dice.

All teams were given a map with circles on it to denote the general area checkpoints were located. The checkpoints were numbered and all teams were given a pen to label the circles with the appropriate numbers as they find and complete each one.


  1. 5 Hill Sprints (these sucked, thanks @Farm Country!)
  2. 25 Diamond Merkins
  3. 60 Monkey Humpers
  4. Murder Bunnies length of parking lot and back (How is it possible that an exercise is harder without a coupon!)
  5. 30 Big Boys
  6. Goblet Squats 2 at the bottom add 2 at each level (thanks for nothing, @Farm Country)
  7. 50 Dips
  8. 100 yards of Broad Jumps (very War Towne-ish if you know what I mean)
  9. 50 Step ups each leg
  10. 100 Flutter kicks
  11. Bear Crawl around playground twice
  12. 50 Hand Release Merkins

Most teams rucked and therefore modified the exercises as well. The most checkpoints any teams found was 9. All PAX as well as 2.0s seemed to enjoy it. There were miniature trophies for the winning teams and the 2.0s.

Crazy Eyes (Tim Foil’s 2.0) was there as well.

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