AO: Clinic

When: 10/31/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Blue Light, Glamour Shots, Icy Hot, Lasso, Rojas, Snow White, Steeplechase, Surf N Turf, Test Tube,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Glamour Shots

On All Hallows’ Eve the PAX headed out in the gloom of downtown Woodstock in search of treats. It was dark and rainy, the perfect Halloween weather all horror films are made of as the gloomiest of glooms cast itself upon the amphitheater. YHC loves his PAX, and only wanted to bring treats, not tricks to the HIMs that braved this gloomy morn. Who knows what lies in store as the 10 men set out. Would 10 make it back?!?

Stop #1; Mosey to Ms. Jones’ house (Chatt Tech) for some Slim Jims! Sweet Ms. Jones’ loves to give out treats, even to those with no costume, so we scored 2 Slim Jims, and all PAX said thank you!

Stop#2; Mosey to old man Clement’s house (Reformation green space) for some FULL SIZE candy bars. Old man Clement gives out the good candy but he makes you work for it. 20 Burpees was the price we paid for 2 full size candy bars. Weasley had the “bubble guts” at stop#2 so while he was taking care of business the other PAX performed SSH and copperhead squats in front of the door as to encourage him to wrap-it-up…the sun is rising and the clock is ticking.

Stop#3; Mosey to main street for some shenanigans. Like all boys on Halloween, some childlike fun must be had. Performed Monkey-Humpers along main street. Your welcome, Woodstock.

Stop#4; Mosey to Cougartown (Freight Tap parking lot) for some BEER. The ladies at Cougartown love when the men come Trick-or Treating, but they want to see a show. Performed 30 merkins in cadence, which the ladies of Cougartown kindly rewarded the effort with some beers for the rest of their journey. You could say we saved the best stop for last.

Returned to the amphitheater for Mary, COT and coffeeteria. My 2.0 Weasley was also in attendance.

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