AO: Stoneclad

When: 02/20/2020


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bo Peep, Lexi, Pelosi, Pookie, Red Hat, Scanner, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Z93

The BackBlast:


YHC rolled in to find Scanner waiting in the early gloom ready for yet another one of my Q’s. The rain hasn’t started yet….did Glenn Burns get it wrong?!? The rest of the crew followed behind, the clock struck beatdown thirty, and we mosey’d. (very slowly as to not lose the official 0.0 certificate)


SSH, Weed Pickers, blah blah blah…lets go to the bottom of the hill. Oh there’s the rain…good. I was worried since its been at least 48 hours since it rained last.

The Thang:

Decreasing 30’s hill climbs
Lunge up the hill and preform 30 Merkins + 30 SSH at top
Crab walk down and preform 30 LBC + 30 SSH at bottom

repeat…decreasing by 1 each round.

finished up with wall sits + 10 squats down the line and back (out of the rain)


– Prayers for the family of Pelosi’s friend who passed away at 35 after contracting both Influenza B and a bacterial blood infection, Strep A. He left behind a wife and 3 kids. Praying for the comfort that surpasses all understanding. More information is posted on Slack

– Praise and Prayers for Bo Peep as they are close to closing on their old house. Praise that the finally found a buyer & Praying that the closing will go quickly and smoothly.

– Red Hat brought up the importance of checking out and reading the Q source posted on the F3 site. We are EXTREMELY blessed with this group and the Q source can help grow us even more in all areas of F3.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Wasn’t sure exactly how many PAX were gonna show with the cold temps, driving rain, and winter break. Awesome to get 7 dudes out that put in great work!

Lexi straight murdered the workout. Pretty sure he lapped us after the first round or so. Great job my man!

Red Hat & Pelosi were right behind him. Every time I caught up, I learned a new cuss word from Pelosi. It’s ok man, I know you only meant half of what you called me. For real tho….you both killed it.

Bo Peep has landscape questions and needs his gutters cleaned.

Pookie is gonna bring the Busch Light next time and we’re just gonna pound those for 45 mins.

Scanner has good taste in music…..recognizing Uriah Heep after only 3 or so notes. Great job today bud! Thanks for putting up with my form of punishment 2 days in a row.

The beatdown went…..ok. The hill was much longer than I remembered (TWSS) and 30 decreasing reps were a bit advantageous. We only made it around 4.5 full rounds (26 merkins?) before heading back to the “flag”. Noted for next time.





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