AO: Happy Jack

When: 08/24/2023


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bloodhound, Harp, Hombre, LawDog, Manning, Matthew Robida, Yogi,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


WARMUP: Run a bit and stretch
THE THANG: 3 separate stations 25 yards apart with bags. Clean and Press your bag 5 times then broad jump (not bunny hop @lawdog) 25 yards. Once complete thru the 3 stations run a lap. Repeat 5ish times with an audible modifying to clean and press/throw your bag 60 yards with broad jump to bag.

Finish with ABCDS’ 100 yards.
– army crawl
– bear crawl
– crab walk
– duck walk
– Spider-Man walk

MARY: none
ANNOUNCEMENTS: if you’re reading this, be sure to participate in Saturday’s LeapFrog at Dawson Forest.
COT: wisdom for when and as we age…..

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