Give It Away!

PAX, it’s time for some T-claps for PAX that are leading the charge. All of F3 Cherokee should be proud of themselves for how we’ve accelerated out of the Covid shutdown. Men in our community are hungry to break out of isolation and take control of their health and relationships. The numbers this summer prove it. 100 PAX posting in one day used to be reserved for convergences, now it’s just another Tuesday. Likewise, our FNGs numbers have been great!

August was an amazing month with more F3 half marathons than we could count (thanks to Lucky Charms, Geek Squad, Misty, and others)! September has already started off with a bang with a great Southside Labor Day convergence, another Black Ops Hombre special, and a brutal Spartan Trifecta weekend led by Bloodhound, Babyface, and The Mole.

With all the amazing growth we’ve experienced comes the responsibility to manage it well and to give it away. Every F3 Cherokee PAX is here because another PAX decided to do the hard thing, step outside his comfort zone, and give it away. It was worth taking a risk, worth failing, worth a little further drive, worth not seeing his normal workout group as much; so that other men in the community could get a taste of what has changed him.

When it comes to expansion, we focus on 2 things; New territory and DRTF. We move into new territory to either expand the F3 Cherokee footprint, or assist in the planting of new regions. DRFT (Diminishing Returns to Fellowship) happens when successful AOs grow to the point where it becomes difficult to engage the PAX and welcome FNGs. Typically this happens when AOs grow beyond 18 PAX. Our track record shows that 8-12 really is the sweet spot.

I wanted to recognize 4 HIMs that have answered the call and are stepping up to launch new AOs. THIS TUESDAY (9/16), F3 Cherokee moves outside our borders with the goal of helping launch AOs in Cobb County. G-String and Turtle-Head are stepping up as Site Qs to launch Flight Deck, located at Aviation Park in Kennesaw. Then, on 9/30, the Colosseum launches on the campus of Woodstock First Baptist. Viceroy and High Dive will be taking the lead as Site Qs. And if that wasn’t good enough news, High Dive has his VQ this Wednesday on 9/16! Stepping up as Site Q before your VQ has to be a first!

Both of these AOs have the opportunity for explosive growth, we just need HIMs who are ready to make the investment to fulfill the mission of F3; to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

PAX, let’s show up and encourage these HIMs, look for our own opportunities to lead, and keep your ears opens for more expansion news coming soon!

F3 Cherokee