AO: Vineyard

When: 02/15/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Dig-Em, Gut Check, Lizard King, Nesquik, Village people,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Village People

Yesterday the PAX spent a lovely (easy) day with their significant other for Valentine’s Day, today was not so easy.


Short mosey to SSH’s, weed pickers, imperial walkers, sun gods & Michael Phelps. YHC had each PAX grab a coupon and fall in line. We Indian walk lunged to the starting point of the Thang.

The Thang:

YHC did a play on 4 corners but instead called it 4 Roses (Insert V-Day pun). A bottle of 4 Roses single barrel goes for about $37….so you guessed it….37 reps! Corner 1 = coupon curls. Rifle carry your coupon to the next corner. Corner 2 = coupon overhead press. Leave your coupon and bear crawl to corner 3. Corner 3 = Merkins. Crab walk to the next corner. Corner 4 = Dips. Bear crawl back to the beginning.

We mosey’d to retrieve our coupons and brought them back to the starting corner. Rinse and repeat 4 total times through. Reps dropped from 37, to 21, to 12, to 9. (21 being the age to buy said bottle of 4 Roses, 12 being the number of Roses you buy your wife, 9 for 4 corners plus 5 PAX)

Indian walk lunge our coupons back to their homes.

Now it was time to work the core after killing the upper body. We spelled out VALENTINE with exercises.

V = V-Ups

A = American Hammer

L = LBC’s

E = E2K (Elbow to knee)

N = Ninnie Knockers

T = Travolta

I = Indian bear crawl

N = Nolan Ryan

E = Empty wheelbarrows back to the flag


Prayers for all the F3 PAX struggling, specifically Stopwatch & Hooch. Prayers for Nesquick and a job deadline he has to meet.

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