AO: League

When: 01/08/2022


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Brimstone, Fudd, Garfield, Jorts, Lively, Peffercorn, Plan B, Posh, PowderPuff, Rat Tail, Spock, Swith Hitter, Westside,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brimstone & Westside

What a fun, frigid morning!


  • @Fudd trying to convince us to not play and go to Waffle House before we started. Thankfully we had enough for 7v7.
  • Putting out an APB on @Show Pony @Aquaman @Sallyride @Cocky
  • @El BaƱo is the best last minute pick up
  • @Garfield laying down on the field to make a catch, the disc hitting the ground 5ft in front of him, then skipping and hitting him directly in the nether regions
  • Also @Garfield’s taunt to @Westside right before a catch in the endzone
  • @Peffercorn’s extreme readiness to switch teams, then immediately scoring like 3 times
  • Well deserved MVP to @Spock for his shut-down defense all day
  • @Westside dropping one in the endzone, and then everyone looking him off when he was wide open for the next 15 minutes
  • @Ringo’s bullet throws
  • @Posh and @Powder Puff dropping dimes
  • @Jhorts is always open
  • @Brimstone’s song from Wednesday finally played on @Westside’s playlist
  • It’s impossible to throw over @Switch Hitter
  • @Rat Tail with some impressive catches and defensive stops all day
  • @Lively with some nice endzone grabs
  • @Plan B showing up at 7:59am… Happy birthday!

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