AO: Happy Jack

When: 02/20/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Bloodhound, C4, Floppy, The Mole, Westside,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Westside

The BackBlast:


Cold, Rain, Wind, Bloodhound. Today sucked in all the best possible ways


Moseyed up the parking lot to the loop right in front of the flag. Circled up for:

15x SSH

10x Toy Soliders

5x Bent Leg Body Twists

None were too happy with get soggy this early. Oh well, with the rain coming down it was only a matter of time.

The Thang:

The goal for today was mileage and what better way than a heavy distance Cooper, The Super Cooper. PAX partnered up (1 group of 2 and 1 group of 3) and ran opposite directions on the outer loop. That’s right, opposite directions on the 1.33 mile loop. When they met on the other side of the park they performed:

10x Burpees

10x Merkins

10x Big Boy Situps

10x Squats

Once done, they once again ran in opposite directions until they met up again. Each time they met they did 1 less rep of each exercise so 10, 9, 8, etc. Well over a 5k later and down to the 5th round we moseyed back to the flag to wrap of the morning with a few Happy Jacks. Water logged and breathing heavy, that was a wrap!


Name-o-rama, Praises, and Prayer requests

Naked Man Moleskin:

Q’ing at the Happy Jack always makes me a little nervous because this is where the Gazelles come to play. Couple that with the fact that I’m in no way a fast runner it makes for some interesting Q’s here. With that being said, I find that it reminds me of the early days of F3 when it was just a few guys pushing each other to the max in a high school parking lot. Bloodhound may be a slave driver, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without his ‘encouragement’. C4 may have this stigma of being the angry guy, but he has dropped more wisdom on the group than anyone else I can think of. Not to mention he is just a freaking machine. The Mole defies all logic. He complains that everything hurts and then shows up early to a 5K guaranteed beatdown to run an additional 4 miles. Truly amazing. Floppy may act like the old guy who can’t do what he used to, but he is still faster than I am on my best day. He just needs some speed work at The League. Finally, there was Cody. Always happy to be there even if he does forget who his Dad is when we take off running. I wasn’t sure if he would ever catch up to C4, but low and behold he showed up on the other side of the park drenched and just as happy as ever.

Truly great morning. The pain is a constant reminder that I’m not where I should be, but I’m moving in the right direction. Until next time.


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