AO: WarTowne

When: 01/30/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Exile, Green Mile, Icy Hot, Maaco, Snot Rocket, Tundra,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Exile

SSH’s, IW’s, WP’s, Toy Soldiers, Tumble-weeds, LBAC’s and Michael Phelps
Burpee Route 66


After our route 66 we met converged with the Woodshed PAX to transport over 1,500 lbs of coupons & heavy items from cars to the 50yd line of the football field. One there the PAX counted off into 2 teams for a game of steal the bacon, F3 style.

Each team to start @ opposite end zones and get as many coupons as possible. The object of the game is to have the most coupons in your team’s end zone at when time is up.

PAX may move forward on the field of play only by bear crawl with BOMBS at 10yd intervals, one exercise every 10 yards and 15 reps per exercise, as follows:

15 Burpees @ 10 yd line
15 Overhead Claps @ 20yd line
15 Merkins @ 30yd line
15 BBS @ 40yd line
15 Squats @ 50yd line

Upon completing the above, a PAX may retrieve one coupon from the 50yd line and mosey back to deposit at his base and begin over again.

A PAX may opt to steal one coupon from the opposing team’s base by continuing BOMBS in reverse order 50yds-100yds of the field and then carrying one coupon to his own team base (BOMBSBMOB + Mosey w stolen coupon).

Whistles: Each team is given a whistle to be used only once each. This sends ALL PAX back to their home bases leaving any coupons at their location when the whistle was blown.

When time was called so were some names and accusations, but all was soon forgotten in the shared misery of carrying 20 coupons, 6 sandbags, 4 buckets, 3 rucks, 2 five-gallon water jugs, and a weight vest back out to the Q’s vehicles. 🙂

Prayers for health with covid, for Sharapova’s M, and for an unspoken request.

That was crazy fun! Even after a burpee route 66 warmup (which IcyHot and Green Mile made look easy!)
The gameplay could be sped up by reducing the rep count to 10 and/or opting to delete the bear crawl. Or for a longer game, the suffering could increase by restricting all coupon movement to overhead carry only. Will have to try some of these ideas next time! 😀
This is just what is so cool about WarTowne and Woodshed being sharing an AO – so much room for activities!!!!

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