AO: Crossroads

When: 06/24/2020


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Carmen SanDiego, Duggar, Geppetto, Grey Poupon, Lively,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Geppetto

With the bets against YHC and the over under not in my favor to make this BD (see Cheetah channel for more info), YHC had to ensure this BD was worth it, oh yeah and show up on time.


Quick mosey over to the end of the parking lot for a quick warm up of 10x Imperial walkers and 10x SSH to get the blood flowing. into the woods to grab a block then over to the drop off lane on the side of the school.

Typical 11’s with Overhead presses and goblet squats with your block in between each round sprint as best you can to the raised crossing then back peddle to your block. Started with presses at 1 and squats at 10, with this taking longer than anticipated once the first PAX to complete all reps was done the group did a final 10 presses and we moved onto the playground.

TABATA – 20 secs work 10 sec rest, steps up on the benches (use the kid bench to modify) we completed a quick 4 rounds of this.

Modified Bus Lanes EMOM – Starting at the first bus lane complete 1 flutter kick then run to lane #15 and back to lane #2 within 1 minute, any extra time is rest time, every run you move up 1 lane we made it lane #14 with Duggar log rolling in between #8 and #9 (modify as needed i guess). With moving up in reps and a shorter run each time the rest time increased each round but having to get up and down for the flutter kicks then run was exhausting YHC got stuck a few times just getting up. The plan was 8-count Body Builder instead of flutter kicks…but theres always next time.


No idea how far we travelled or how many songs were played since charging devices is an important step, but not more important than showing up!



Announcements were made regarding the indepeDANCE (7/4 @ Sequoyah park) festivites kick off at 0600 with what sounds like a free-for-all of whatever you want to do. Frisbees, rucks, running, im sure someone will throw out something CSAUP.

F3Nation 10year in Cape Fear (not Charlotte) NC.

Prayers fo our country and the struggles that many people are dealing with, we pray that we can talk AND listen as a human race and follow the lead that was put infront of us. Look at the F3 Motto, theres something bigger than us, leave no man behind, and open to ALL men.



Duggar with attempt at ComzQ rattling off all the announcements – Well Done!

Carmen killed it this morning

Lively looked completely unimpressed with every workout

Awfully quiet this morning, Lawdog fired shots in the channel last night then proceeded to go to MW, Alcoa is nowhere to be found, Z93 was probably playing frisbee, and where was PELOSI!?

Good work guys, today was You vs You on how hard you pushed yourself and everyone pushed hard you can accomplish more than you think you can.

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