AO: WarTowne

When: 06/01/2020


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: BoSox, Brad Pitt, Maaco, Squirtle, Twinkle Toes,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Nest

QIC: Maaco

Weird Al- an American treasure.  If you don’t believe that you better respect the drip, Karen!!!!




SSH, Weed Pickers, Sun Gods, Phelps-  All in cadence.

The Thang


Name that tune- you get the first 20 seconds of the song to answer.

Original song and Artist

Get both wrong, run a full lap of football field.

Got one wrong, run a half lap around football field.

Get both correct, run across field and back.


AMRAP for any acronyms.


Fat 3:36-

Bad by Michael Jackson

Got both correct.  Twinkle Toes

Freddie Mercury 10

Apollo Anton 10

The Lion King with Coupon 5


eBay- 3:37

I want it that way. Backstreet Boys.

Got both correct.  Bosox

elevated merkins 10

Bbs 10

Alternating lunges 10

Yappy Jacks 5. 5 SSH and 2 Squats


Gump- 2:10

Lump- PUSA

Got both correct.  FNG- Nest

Merkin every time it says gump.

Plank otherwise.

High knees for run.


White and nerdy 2:51

Got both wrong.

Ridin’ – Chamillionaire

Burpee for White and nerdy

Coupon curls otherwise


Party in the CIA 2:57

Mylie Cyrus – party in the USA

Got both correct.  Squirtel

crunchy frog 10

Incline merkin 10

American Hammers 20


Yoda 3:58

Lola – Kinks

Got one correct.  Bosox said the wrong artist before Twinkle Toes said the correct one.  Sorry, Charlie.

Yurpee- Burpee with hand release merkin 3

Overhead press with coupon 6

Destroyed by Plank 3.

Air Squats 6


Bedrock Anthem. Two songs 3:52

Under the bridge and give it away – RHCP

Got the artist and one song correct.  This was a setup by me.  You don’t here the second song until after the 20 seconds.

Take your coupon and follow YHC for walking exercises until the song is over.


Like A Surgeon 3:33

Like a Virgin – Madonna

Got both correct.

CPR for entire song


TMZ 3:40

You belong to me – Taylor Swift

Got both correct.

Twinkle Toes- Al Gore while doing calf raises. 10

Man maker burpees- 5

Coupon Zoro’s- 5





Prayers for our nation and its leaders.  Prayers for F3 brothers and families.


Naked Man Moleskin


Brad Pitt- Immediately knew that he was screwed when YHC announced that it was a Name That Tune BD.  YHC has discovered his weekness.

Twinkle Toes- he chose this BD because he knew it was going to be music related.  Yes!!!  He said that he has been indoctrinated with Weird Al tunes for a long time and even sang along for a little while before the heart rate got a little too high, and he had to choose between singing and the BD.  He chose wisely.

Squirtel- he knew the Weird al versions more than the originals.  This made YHC’s heart happy.  Weird Al crosses all generations.

Bosox- great to have my bro out here crushing it, even though he is a little gimped up right now.  Modify as needed.  He got out and still got stronger.

Nest- FNG!!!  YHC texted him and a few other guys about coming out, and he was the only one that did not hesitate to HC.  He said that he drank 12 beers the night before.  YHC really wanted him to Merlot, but Nest has an iron stomach.  He will not be able to

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