AO: Brickyard

When: 12/28/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: 8-Bit, Hass, Panhandle, Tenderloin, Z93,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


Since this is the last B’yard of the year, I figured I’d submit one of these God forsaken backblast. The runners started out at a Panhandle pace but, one by one slowed it down. Pretty sure Pan ran the whole thing twice at a sub 8 min pace. No clue how he gets faster as he gets older. What a weirdo. It was great running with Hass and eventually Tenderloin though. Holy hills!!

Missed some B’yard regulars this morning! 8-bit rucked alone because 5am seems to be too early for all those tough-ass ruckers. He ended up adding some running in as well. Be on the lookout for more Ruck/Runs in 2022.

BIG PRAISE!!! Tendy’s nephew Griffin is “graphing” (I may get this wrong, apologies!) which means his body is receiving the bone marrow transplant and he is now on the road to healing. Continued prayers for him, his family and the doctors as they walk this path together and that he stay healthy during this 100 day period of being susceptible to sickness due to the lack of white blood cells. Praying for complete healing for the little dude!!!

Other important topics covered during coffeeteria… 8-bit’s high school sports knowledge, Tenderloin’s WNBA ex-girlfriend, Korean BBQ, Vanderbilt, Bonilla’s inappropriate post, Bourbon and Rush Probst.


From the flag:
– run down Waleska St to Marietta hwy >
– turn left and run to Boling Park >
turn right to enter Boling park and head toward gravel track
– Run one full gravel track loop >
– exit gravel track and stay left to run back up the hill toward the Armory (CHS) >

Once at the top of the hill, run back toward the flag via these 2 options…

Option 1:
– Take a left onto Marietta Hwy and return back to the flag following the same route


Option 2:
– take a left at the short access road that runs parallel to Marietta hwy and goes behind the rock barn >
– Turn left to run down the hill >
– Turn right on Westview >
– Take the first right at the top of the hill and then an immediate left back onto Marietta hwy >
– Back to the flag

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