AO: The Rock

When: 02/14/2023


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Air Bud, BailBond, Blue Cheese, Cable Guy, Dr Tron,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Blue Cheese

A special Valentine’s BD at the Rock.  Entire beatdown done while listening to your favorite middle school dance slow songs.


Moseyed to the back parking lot and did some Warm-O-Rama. Mosey back, grab coupons and make our way to the picnic table area behind the concession stand.  Started with the Cupid Shuffle Plank/Merkin Challenge – which sucked way more than I thought it would.  That’s a long song.

Next we did 14 reps each of below with our coupons.

  • Curls
  • Upright rows
  • Press (Chest)
  • Incline Merkins
  • Dips

After each set, we ran 1 lap around the nearest baseball field.

We finished up and headed back for some extended Mary.  Had to get all stretched out for V-Day, so we did 14 reps each of Monkey Humpers, Alabama Prom Dates and Pickle Pounders.  One exercise each for the rest of the PAX and our time was up.

COT / Prayers and then coffeeteria.  A great morning

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